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Dimensions Russian: 42/44 (46/48) 

You will need: 100 (150) g of white harsh, stony-gray, slate-colored and black Aria yarn (85% cotton, 15% polyamide, 150 m / 50 g) Lana Gross; straight needles number 12 and number 15; hook number 8. 

Attention! All items knit folded in four, connecting 1 thread of each color. 

Knitting technique. 
Nodular edge: the 1st and last loop of each row is knitted with facial loops. All items knit with nodular edges. 

Shawl: facial and purl rows - facial loops.

The density of knitting, garter knitting with the needles No. 15 and the thread folded four times: 8 p. And 8 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Backrest with 1/2 sleeves: on needles No. 12, dial in four folded threads 45 (49) n. And tie for a strap 2 cm = 3 p. garter stitch, starting from 1 out. R. Then knit garter sticking needles number 15. Through 25 (27.5) cm = 20 (22) p. from the strap to re-type on both sides for lowered sleeves, 4 items = 53 (57) items and then knit straight. After 15 (17.5) cm = 12 (14) p. from the beginning of the sleeves to postpone on both sides for the line of the sleeve / shoulder 17 (19) p., average 19 p. for the neckline close.

Before with 1/2 sleeves: knit like a back with 1/2 sleeves, but with a round neckline. To do this, after 10 (12.5) cm = 8 (10) p. from the beginning of the sleeves, close the average 13 points and finish both sides separately. For rounding up close from the inside edge in the 2nd p. another 1 x 3 p. The remaining 17 (19) p. for the line of the sleeve / shoulder should be set aside at the height of the backrest. 

Assembly: put the parts together on the front sides and connect the shoulder loops, tying 1 p. Of both parts together on the faces. and at the same time closing the loop. Run the seams of the sleeves, side seams. Bind the folded edge and neckline of the neckline with a folded stony gray thread with 1 circular row of st. b / n and 1 circular row folded with double thread color slate.

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