Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

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The diagram shows the facial and Purls rows. 
In Purl series the designation "Two together obverse" (on the obverse side-inclination to the right) knit, as two together reverse, "Two together a stretch" (on the front side-inclination to the left) knit so-to remove 2 loops as obverse on the right spoke, then to transfer them again On the left, not twisting, to touch them together reverse behind a back wall. Repeat from the 1st row to 45 series. Do not be surprised that in the rapport an odd number of rows, pullover-factory fabrication.

All the patterns that you see on the wall of the group are the answers to the questions posed-"There is a photo, but there is no scheme". 
Want to get your answer? Join the group. Make a photo of the pattern, preferably from two sides, spread on the wall. You are guaranteed to receive an answer.

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