Knitting Cardigan Jacquard Fabric

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1. Sleeve diagrams.

Pattern for the bottom knitting


Here is what the author writes about the jacquard:

"Features of the ornaments. 

1. In the transition from one color to another last 2 loops on hook (one - leading, the other - from the last column of the previous nedovyazannogo color) should be provyazyvat already next thread color obtained leading loop on the hook is a different color.. 

( If the last column of the 1st color is completely tied with the same thread, then the next column turns out to be 2-color: its base will be a new, 2nd, color, and the top will be of the previous one, the 1st color, in ornaments this will interfere. ) - see figure 1 on the 2 following diagrams.

2. Throughout the knitting of the series, a knitting-free thread is laid along the edge of the last row and turns out to be. knotted inside the canvas. The canvas is obtained by two-sided, i.e. looks the same from the front and the underside. It is only necessary to ensure that the thread passing inside the web does not pull it down - see Fig. 2 on the 2 following diagrams. 

3. When moving from row to row, the lifting loops are made with the yarn of the color that the 1st column of the row will be knit. Another thread is laid by a free broach along the edge of the canvas and again stacked on the edge of the forehead. row and starts to get involved in the canvas - see Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 on the 2 following diagrams. " 

Pattern on the collar 

Pattern of the top part of a cardigan:

One of the cardigans connected by the author:

On the connection between the upper and lower parts, the author writes: "First she tied the entire top with a hook, then with the knitting needles, and sewed one to the other."

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/4410805/post180974793/

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