Dress-tunic free pattern

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SIZE: 38-40 
YOU WILL BE REQUIRED: 500 g. “Nice Kid” yarn (80% scooter, 20% polyester, 25g-100m). 

Warm fluffy tunic or dress (the length can be varied!) - it will warm you like fur in cold winter. Such clothes are especially fashionable in this season. Tie it as free as possible so that the canvas is tender and airy. And set off your image with high towers that are also identical at the top of the model. 


NCD: at a height of 10 cm, knit all parts (hand, front and back) with rubber * 2 inside, 2 face *. 
Gather 112 loops on the needle and knit it: 4 purl, 42 loop according to Scheme II. 2 side, 16 loop on scheme I, 2 purl, 42 loop on scheme II, 4 side.
So knit a fabric 80 cm long. 
Cut the neck of the front can make a wish more than 2 cm deeper (there is no such thing). 
Gather 70 loops and knit it like this: 27 pet-woven, 16 pet.po according to scheme I, 27 purl. Knit a length of 80 cm. 
Type 58 pet. and knit t тĸ: 8 from the inside, 42 pet.po on scheme II, 8 from the inside. Crochet the edges of the neck with a crawfish step. Go

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