Terracotta color sweater free pattern

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34/36 (38/40) 42/44 

Yarn (100% alpaca wool; 100 m / 50 g) - 750 (800) 850 g terracotta; Knitting needles number 4 and 4.5; circular needles number 4. 


Knitting in rows forwards and backwards: an odd number of loops. Each row start and finish chrome. Knit alternately 1 out., 1 persons., Finish 1 out. 

Knitting in a circle: an even number of loops. Knit alternately 1 out., 1 persons. 

number of loops is a multiple of 10 + 1 + 2 chrome. Knit under the scheme 1. On the scheme are given front rows. In the purl rows of the loop knit by drawing. In width start with chrome., Repeat rapport, finish loop after rapport and chrome. For back and front pattern start and finish as indicated. 
In height, repeat from the 1st to the 8th row.

Knit according to Scheme 2. The front rows are shown in the diagram. In purse rows knit loops on pattern, loops "cones" and persons. crossed - purl. At a height of 1 times run from the 1st to the 32nd row, then repeat from the 9th to the 32nd row. After the 3rd p. = on the needles 51 p. 

29 p. x 24.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the “Honeycomb” pattern; 
patterned strip: 51 s. = 20 cm. Samples are made on the needles No. 4, 5. 


On the needles No. 4 dial 129 (139) 149 p. And knit for the lower slat 3 cm with an elastic band.

Go to the spokes №4,5 and continue to work, distributing the loops of the patterns as follows: chrome, 40 (45) 50 p. Of the “Honeycomb” pattern (start from arrow A (B) A), 47 p. Of the patterned strip, 40 ( 45) 50 p. Of the “Honeycomb” pattern (start from the arrow C), chrome. After the 3rd p. from the bottom bar = on the needles 133 (143) 153 p. 

In 42.5 cm = 104 p. from the lower bar close on both sides for armholes 1 time for 15 p. = on the spokes 103 (113) 123 p. 

In 59 cm = 144 p. (60.5 cm = 148 p.) 62 cm = 152 p. from the lower bar all the loops should be closed in the same row, while the average 43 (45) 47 sections form a straight edge of the neck, and 30 (34) 38 points on either side of them form the shoulder edges. 

Knit as back, but with a deeper neck. To do this, through 51.5 cm = 126 p. (53 cm = 130 p.) 54.5 cm = 134 p. from the bottom plate, close the average 17 (19) 21 points and finish both sides separately. 

For rounding the neck close from the inside edge in each 2nd p. 1 time 4 p., 2 times 2 p. And another 5 times 1 p. 

The remaining 30 (34) 38 p. Shoulder close at the same height as on the back. 

The second side finish symmetrically. 

On needles No. 4 dial 63 (73) 83 points and knit for 3 cm slats with an elastic band. 

Go to the spokes number 4, 5 and continue to work with the “Honeycomb” pattern. 

At the same time, starting from the plank, add on both sides for bevels 4 times in each 8th p. and 12 times in each 6th p. 1 p., added loops to include in the pattern = on the spokes 95 (105) 115 p.

After 50 cm = 122 p. from the strap all the loops close in the same row. 

Run shoulder seams. 

For double bake dial on the circular needles No. 4 on the edge of the neck 102 (106) 110 p. And knit in a circle 6 cm with an elastic band. Then close the loop, fold the tape in half lengthwise, turn on the wrong side, and sew. 

Sew sleeves. Run side seams and sleeve seams.

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