A crochet scarf with a lush pattern of an asterisk

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A very warm scarf is obtained by crocheting a pattern of puffy “star” columns. With the help of buttons, a knitted scarf is transformed into a volumetric wool, which will decorate an autumn or winter coat. 
Size: 24x90 cm. 

You will need: NovitaDuo yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 212 m / 100 g) - 250 g of gray color, hook No. 4, 3 large wooden knives. 

Star pattern (see diagram): type a chain of 25 cm long air strings. 

Knitting a knit scarf:

First row: link 4 entrances. p. lift, knit a lush column of B elongated loops in the third loop of the starting chain. Tie 3 out. p. and make a magnificent pillar at the top of the first column of the same. Without closing the curtains of this magnificent stolbika, leave them on the hook and knit 2 more curvy stolbias (one in the 3rd loop of the starting chain, and the other stitch in the 7th). Now pull the thread through all the loops that are on the hook. Further knit in the same way: start 3 rd. p., then 3 lush art. etc. At the end of the series knit 2 lush pillars and art. with 2 / n in the last loop.


Secondly, start again from 4th. n. climb, then tie another 3 out. and 3 magnificent columns: the first - in the 4th loop of the ascent, the second - in the column with / 2n the first row, the third - in the middle of the "star". Then pull the thread through all the magnificent columns. Then repeat the first and second rows, while the length of the 
scarf will not reach 90 cm. Cut the thread. 
Connect the short sides of the scarf with the help of pugovits. Go

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