Women White Sweater Free Pattern

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This is a cozy and very beautiful womanly sweater that fits in with a surprise. The main knit is stocking, and the bulky neck and cuffs are connected by a wide rubber. The finishing touch is a tender rose, jolted ĸ. 
You will need: 
5 [6: 7] x 50 g (115 m) skeins of yarn Gedilfra Belisana colors of unbleached linen (tone 7225) 
Knitting needles No. 
5,5 Knitting needles No. 6 
How to knit a sweater 
Sizes 44-46 [46-48: 48 -50] 

File size 90 [98: 106] cm  
length 60 [62:64] cm 
ruĸava length of the seam 46 [47:48] cm 

Toxicological information, privedennye in kvadpatnyh skobkah, otnosyatsya to bolshemu Dimensions of the. If only one number is specified, then it refers to all sizes. 

Knitting density
16 loops x 21 row = 10 × 10 cm, connected by stock. at. on needles No. 5,5 or other size, but with observance of the specified density of knitting. 


izn. = immersive; IP = wrong side; individuals. = person; LS = face side; beginning = start, start; leave = remaining; n. = loop (s); rep. = revolve; about = add; prod. = continue; rap. = papport; p. = row; track. = following; cm = centimeters; sn. = remove loops on another needle; subtracting. = subtract; chul. at. = stocking 

On knitting needles No. 5, 5, type 74 [80:85] p. 

1 p. gum: (LS) 4 [2: 2] persons., * 1 out., 4 persons., rep. from * to the last 5 [3: 3] n., 1 of res., 4 [2: 2] persons.

2nd p. gum: 4 [2: 2] izn., * 1 PERSON., 4 IZV., rep. from * to the last 5 [3: 3] n., 1 person, 4 [2: 2] izn. Rep. these 2 p., strapped 2 cm, work on the IP and app. 1 p. In the center of the last r. only for 48-50 size. 74 [80:86] p. individuals. r., prod. chul. at. and on top 41 [42:43] see from the beginning. complete the work on the IP. 

down 3 pp per nach. track. 2 pp., And more in 2 n. next 2 p. Down 1 p. from both sides to the next. and further in each 2nd p., until it remains 58 [64:70] p. Knit straight and at a height of 19 [20:21] see from the beginning. Directly complete the work on the IS. 

Shoulder line 
Close 2 ss at the beginning. next 2-x p. 54 [60:66] p. Track. p .: 4 [1: 5] persons., untie from 1 p. 2, * 2 [3: 2] persons., untie from 1 p. 2, vol. from * to the last 4 [2: 6] p., 4 [2: 6] persons. 70 [75:85] p.

Turn on the needles number 6. Start with r. BOS, prev. Rap. Elastics, ĸаĸ indicated for sizes 46-48 and 48-50, at a height of 18 cm from the beginning. Close the seal on the rubber pattern, without too much tension on the thread. 

knit as back. 

Rykawa Knitting 
needles No. 5, 5, type 50 [50:55] p. 

1 p. gum: (BOS) 2 persons., * 1 external, 4 persons., rep. from * to the last 3 p., 1 out., 2 persons. 

2nd p. Rezinki: 2 out., * 1 persons., 4 out., rep. from * to the last 3 p., 1 person., 2 vers. Rep. these 2 p., having fixed 13 cm, complete the work on the IS and uniformly approx. 0 [3: 1] p. In the last p. 50 [53:56] p. individuals. r., prod. chul. at. and at height of 46 [47:48] cm from the beginning. Complete the work on the IC. 

Hand roll
Close by 3 p. Per night. track. 2 p. and another 2 n. in the beginning. next 2 p. 40 [43:46] p. Ub. 1 p. of both sides to the next. and then in every 2nd p., until the last 24 [27:30] p., completing the work on the EC. Close at night. track. and further in each p. by 2 points x 4 times and by 3 points x 4 times. Close the cover. 4 [7:10] p. 
Put the details on the correct and appropriate size, take a damp cloth and leave it to dry. Carry out the shoulder seams and the seams of the collar; in this case, sew the upper half of it from the front side, and lower the lower half from the inside, as usual. Sew the sleeves. Run out the side seams and the stitches of the hinges. 

the Rose
On the needles number 5, 5, type 11 p. Nach. individuals. p., ex. chyl in., until the strip is 70 cm long. Close the loop without pulling the thread. Cut, leaving a long thread (for stitching rose). Thread the cut thread into the needle and sew a long edge along the wide stitches. Pull the thread by putting the strip in the shape of the thread. Fasten the bottom of the rosette with small stitches on the IC. Open the door and sew the handhole, as shown in the photo. 

On zametku 
If you nravitcya sweater; yet not ystraivaet takoy type vorotnika, obvyazhite goplovinu pezinkoy. In this case, having reached the point “Vorotnik”, knit four rows of rubber and close the loops. ‍ ‍‌

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