Yellow openwork sweater free pattern

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DIMENSIONS 36/40 (42/46) 

YOU NEED Yarn (100% cotton, 125 m / z 50) - 650 (750) g of yellow; Knitting needles number 2.5 and 3; circular needles number 2.5. 

GUM 1 
Knit (knitting needles No. 2.5, knitting in rows in the forward and reverse directions): chrome, * 1 wn., 1 person. crossed, from * repeat, end 1 w. and chrome. 

In the purl rows of the loop knit on the figure, persons. crossed - out. crossed. 

Knit (knitting needles No. 2.5, knitting in a circle): purl loops. 
All other patterns are performed on the needles number 3. 

Openwork pattern with "Kosami"
The number of loops is a multiple of 17 + 2 chrome. Knit according to the above scheme. The diagram shows only the front rows. In the purl rows of the loop knit on the pattern, nakida - purl. In width start with chrome., Repeat rapport, finish chrome. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 14th row. 


When performing subtractions and increments, make sure that the number of nakidov and knit stitches together in a row remains the same. 

Yellow openwork jumper 

GUM 2 
Knit on an odd number of loops: chrome., * 1 d., 1 person., From * repeat, finish 1 w. and chrome. In the purl rows of the loop knit by drawing. 

29.5 p. X 34 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with an openwork pattern with "braids";
35 p. X 29.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by an elastic band 2 (do not stretch the sample when measuring). 


Dial 189 (205) n. And the next izn. a series of knit purl. 

Further, for the lower strap, knit 2 cm with an elastic band 2, while in the last one. row add 0 (1) p. = 189 (206) p. 

Work continue with openwork pattern with "braids". 

After 50 cm = 170 p. (53 cm = 180 p.) From the lower plank, close on both sides for shoulder bevels, first 1 time per 4 p., Then in each 2nd p. 5 times 4 p. And 7 times 5 p. (1 time 4 p., Then in every 2nd p. 12 times 5 p.). 

Simultaneously through 56 cm = 190 p. (59 cm = 200 p.) From the lower plank close for the neck averages 57 (64) p. And finish both sides separately.

To round the neck close from the inside edge in each 2nd p. 2 times in 1 p. 

Through 57.5 cm = 196 p. (60.5 cm = 206 p.) From the lower bar close the remaining 5 p. Shoulder. 

Knitting, like a back, but for a deeper neck, close the average 53 (58) points in 53.5 cm = 182 p. (56.5 cm = 192 p.) From the bottom bar. 

To round the neck close from the inside edge in each 2nd p. 4 (5) times 1 loop. 

Dial 75 (85) points and knit with an elastic band 2. 

At the same time, for bevels, starting from the dial-up row, add on both sides 10 times in each 10-m r. (10 times in each 8th p. And 4 times in each 6th p.) 1 p., Added loops to include in the pattern = 95 (113) p.

After 37.5 cm = 110 p. from the dial, all the loops close in the same row in the picture. 

Run shoulder seams. 

For bakey dial on the circular needles on the edge of the neck 122 (132) p. And knit in a circle 1 p. facial and 3 p. back purl. After that, close the loop face. 

Sew the sleeves. Run side seams and sleeve seams.

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