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Caramel set (jacket and T-shirt)
Everyone who looked into my diary hello !!! 
Tied such a bright twin for the summer for ladies with beautiful forms 58-60 size.
Yarn Narcissus cotton St. Petersburg v100g / 400m. The entire kit took about 800g. Hook number 3.

Only I did a t-shirt not completely crocheted, but so that it was thinner and smaller, the consumption of yarn was untied with a Neva2 on a density of 6 (or who would knit with needles No. 3-3.5. For the bottom of the canvas I gathered 160 loops and knitted with a machine 105 rows to armhole.

At the jacket, too, changed the neck, making a u-shaped cut in order to better see the beauty T-shirts. For shelves gained 86 air loops. For back 158v. P.

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