Knitting Long Cardigan Free Pattern

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Size: 38-42 
Wang will need: 600 blue yarn 
NICC (97% cotton, 3% Polyes: ERA, 
35 m, ђ0 G): Straight spokes 4.5: 
Hook 4; 3 buttons Diameter Cm. 
Platelka knitting • Minesweeper and Izn,-pch L. 
Gum: Alternately 2 Izn ". 2 persons, 
Pattern A: Number of loops multiple 8 4 2. 
Knit according to scheme A, on which the decree. 
Faces, p., in the Izh, p, all loops knit 
The scale, as indicated. Temperatures 
From the 1st to the 8th P, 
Pattern B: Number of Loops multiple 4 + 10, 
According to the scheme B. 
Persons, p., in Izh, p, all loops and capes 
Knit Izn, repeat with a to 8-3 p. 
Knitting density, pattern a: 20 and 28 
R.-10 SM; Pattern B: 18.5 p. and 28 p. 
10 cm. 
Rot: Dial 122 p. and tie 4 p. 
The knitting, then knit the Uza. 
Between the edges of the 
15 Rapports on the overall height of the 
15 cm close for tale hips with both, 
Their Stoton 1 p... Then in each 
P, 7 K ' P. IV each 4-Mr. 6х1 
N, 94 p. Make sure that the 
Was consistent with the number of 
of the loops together and naoђo. 
Mouth. At a total height of 40 cm link 
14 cm elastic band, and after 
Cromwell start with 1 Izn, 2 persons.. Then 
Knit alternately 2 Izyu, 2 faces, and 
Finish 1 "cROI", then 
Knit pattern B, with scrap start with 5 
Before the Raport, perform 21 
Raport and Finish 5 p. Pospe. 
Port. Marked on the pattern 
Additional width is obtained 
Because of the different density of knitting, the 
7 cm from the beginning of the pattern in the additional 
The sleeve on both sides of the 
14 p. 122 p. 
Loops include in the pattern and knit 
Straight 16 cm, then for bevel sleeves 
And the bevel of the shoulder close with both hundred. 
Ron on 8 p. and every 2nd P. 5 More * 
7 p, Zakryљ remaining 36 p, 
Left Shelf: Dial 66 
4 p. Platelkoj. Then 
Knit pattern A, while between 
Chrome. Perform 8 rapports, c 
The right side to perform the 
Cia. As on the backrest = 52 p. ooshhdј 
Height of 40 cm to tie 14 cm 
While in the 1st p. Pospe Krom. 
Knit out of the loprins * niches 1 pm 2 
Persons. "Then knit alternately 2 

Izn ", 2 persons. and finish the Crowns, = 53 T 
After that knit pattern B. 
This on the right side add 1 
P. 54 N, added Loop 
Chrome.. Connect 4 p. Before the Rapport, 
Perform 1 rapports and finish 
5 p. After raport. With the 
Close to the cut bevel in the 2nd 
P. pattern in 1 p., then in each 2nd p, 
32 x 1 P., then in each 4th p. 
Close another 52 x 1 p, with the right one hundred. 
The Rhone to perform the addition for 
Sleeves and then bevel sleeves and shoulder, 
As on the back. 
[ђ) "A: knit symmetrically. 
Assembly: Perform seams, edges of the 
Check. Including the neckline of the spin 
And the edges of the sleeves tie 1 p, St, 
and R. "Raichy Shagin (2nd, 6/N 
Left to right) on the right kidney 
On the upper and Lower edge, and: 
Middle of the part connected by an elastic band, 
Perform 1 long loop to 
Buttons, for each long pet 
To join the base of the pet 
The "Race step", over 2 p, "the 
To link the seven "re- 
Connect and then tie back 
By 1 co-ed, art, in VOD, p, sew Pu- 
The Gozitsy. 

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