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You will need: 150 g of blue, hot pink, green and orange Pep yarn (87% cotton, 13% polyacryl, 100 m / 50 g); hook number 7.

Triangular motif: tie a chain of 2 vozd. p., in 1st vozd. to associate 6 tbsp. b / n and close 1 com. into the ring. Then knit in circular rows according to the scheme. Run 1 time from the 1st to the 4th p. 
Knitting density: side length of a triangle = 20 cm. 
Work description: tie 9 bright pink (on the pattern - № 4), 6 green (№ 1) and blue (№ 3), 4 orange (№ 2) triangles and sew them on the pattern. Tie the outer edge with a turquoise thread 1 p. Art b / n. For the tie, tie a chain of 38 air with a blue thread. Clause + 1 rev. to lift and knit art. b / n at the same time, each row starts with 1 rev. p. rise instead of 1st st. b / n
After 4 cm from the edge of the work to finish. Tie 2 strings and sew them to the corners of the scarf. For the fringe on the short sides tie in every 2nd st. b / n brush of 2 blue threads 40 cm long

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