Winter dress crochet free pattern

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SIZE: 40 knit to order from size 54 

YOU WILL BE REQUIRED: 400 grams of Angora 2 yarn (50% mohair, 20% young wool, 30% acrylane), for dress finishing - yarn under the fur, the type of yarn not specified, the number of the needles is not specified - check the density of knitting with the pattern and, if necessary, make corrections. 


Dial 94 loops and 10 loops (12 loops for the back), knit with purses, 9 loops - according to I, 56 loops - with loops, then again 9 loops - according to I and 10 loops (12 loops for the back) - purl loops.
In the places marked on the pattern with birds at the bottom near the edge of each pigtail in each 6 row, knit 2 loops together until only 3 loops of 10 loops (out of 12 loops on the back) remain. These remaining loops close in the same row for the armpits and knit another 17 cm. To the top. At the top in the places marked on the pattern with birds, near the edge of the pigtail in each 2 row add 4 times 1 loop. 
Type 58 stitches for each sleeve and knit one stocking stitch (front rows — front loops, purl rows — purl loops). Sleeve knit top down. From both edges for narrowing in each 2 rows knit 2 loops until they become 36. 

Type 300 loops and 16 cm. Knit with stocking, and after that, another 11 cm. Knit with "fur" yarn. Then close all the loops and sew the side. Sew a skirt to the bottom of the top, evenly stitching it. Sew so that the edge is slightly turned out from the front.

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