Blue Shawl Crochet Pattern

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Size: 160 cm long and 75 cm in 
Vmbo (without fringe brushes) 
You need: 300 g blue (color 
01016) Yarn Sct1acnenmayr Satan 
(100% cotton, 165 g): Crewe. 
Chok 2.5. 
Main pattern: knit on Diagrams A 
and V. 1 St. (N series always replace 
3 humidity. P.. J St, B, ' N-2 humidity. P. On 
Diagram a shows rapport and Ubavle- 
Niv on the right side of the shawl as well 
Subtraction for the top of the shawl. On 
Diagram in showing subtraction for 
Left side of the shawl. The Allocate- 
Grey color scheme icons 
Refer to scheme A and serve only 
For better perception of the VE scheme, 
Tanzania, they must be tied 
Only once, wide knit to 1st 
Arrows, then repeat rapport, 
Finish the Pospe pattern 2-nd 
Arrows. In height repeat 1-26 • th 
P... with each rapportom in the 
The height of the adapted in the 
Rin decreases by rapport. As 
Only the rapport will remain wide. 
Knit for top shawls p. 
According to scheme A. 
Density of Knitting: 1 rapport 
Width: approx. 17 cm; 26 R. Rapport in 
Height: approx. 30 cm. 
Performance: Crochet 2.5 
Dial 369 humidity. P. and Knit 1st. 
Sun 1st R. in 16-th humidity. P, a set of 
Run from a separate coil 
Yarn. This will allow you to easily 
To put extra loops or. In their 
Lack. Add missing. 
Then knit the pattern to the 1st arrow 
Circuits A, repeat the rapport between 
Arrow keys 1 time, Finish loops 
After the 2nd arrow. Cm. well as the scheme 
B. Knit 2 times 1 – 26th... Then 27- 
43 in the conclusion of crochet 2 
Tie a shawl around the perimeter 1 
Circular R. Art. 6/N. Shawl Moisten, 
Spread. Allow to dry. Ful 
Thread of the Fringe brush, on each brush 
Cut 12 threads in length of 30 cm. When. 
Fasten brushes to short sides 
Shawl. Start with brush on top 
Shawl. Then on each side of the 
To fasten at equal distance each 
20 brushes from a friend. 

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