Knit slippers without seams

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Bright and beautiful get women's slippers without stitches, knitted with their own hands. 
For work need knitting needles number 3. Wool yarn or wool, 2 skeins of 100 grams. The length of the thread is 250 meters. 
We collect on the spokes 13 loops and knit 8 rows of garter stitch (face and internal rows - face loops). Then, starting with the 9th row, we make additions of loops as follows: 1 edge, 5 garter stitch loops, nakid, 1 front one, nakid, 5 garter stitches loops and end the row loop. In the purl rows of the loop we knit according to the pattern, nakida - with the crossed purl loop. In subsequent facial rows do nakida, ie add loops after the garter and before it. Purlars according to the pattern, cross-stitched nakida. Repeat the rows until the needle has 39 loops (see photo). 
Then select the middle 9 loops and round the toe to the heel type: 15 loops, then 9 and 10 knit the loop together. Work turned, tie 8 loops, 9 and 10 together, etc. until only the middle 9 loops remain on the needle (see photo)
Now, on the edge of the toe, we collect edge loops = 18 each edge. Just the needles get 45 loops. We distribute them as follows: hem, 5 garter stitch loops, 1 purl, 4 loops “harness”, 1 purl, 21 loops of the front smooth surface. Then 1 purl, 4 loops “harness”, 1 side, 5 loops of kerchief knitting and finish the row with edge loop. Offset loops in the “bundle” are done in each 4 row: leave 2 loops before work on the aisle, 2 faces, then knit 2 face loops with auxiliary knitting needles. In purl rows of a loop, knit according to a pattern. A total of 36 - 40 rows. This is 36 - 37 foot size. 
We knit the heel on the basis of the toe (see above). Select the average 9 loops. Last 8 rows knit garter stitch. Hinges close. It is possible to decorate a slipper with a pompon, bow, flower.

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