Chic Cardigan Free Pattern

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36/38 (42/44) 48/50
Scarf Size: 25 x 200 cm

You will need to
Yarn 1 (50% natural wool, 50% Polyacryl; 85 m/50 g) for Vest-450 (500) 550 g light-grey melange;
Yarn 2 (67% Polyacryl, 30% wool, 3% polyamide; 50 m/50 g) for scarf-300 g black and grey sectional dyeing; For the vest Needles № 6 and 7; Circular Spokes № 6; For № 9 knitting scarf.

Patterns and diagrams
Knitting № 6 (odd number of loops). Each row start and finish 1 crown.

Facial rows: Alternately 1 facial, 1 purl, Finish 1 front.

Purls rows: Tie loops on the figure.

Pattern with extended loops
Knitting Needles № 7 (Number of loops multiple 4 + 1 + 2 kromovyi) = Knit SOGL. Schema. On it are given facial and Purls ranks. Start with 1 crown, the Rapport is constantly repeating, finish the loop after the Rapport and 1 crown. Constantly repeating the 1st and 4th rows.

Elongated loops to carry out only in full rapports, in the rest to tie loops obverse.

Underlined Ubava
Left edge = Run a series up to the last 12 p. Sogl. Pattern, then the two loops of the front, the remaining 10 p. Projazat SOGL. Pattern.

Right edge = crown, 9 p. Projazit SOGL. A pattern, 2 loops to touch together the obverse with a slope to the left (1 loop to take off as a face, 1 obverse, then to stretch it through a removed loop), then to finish a series of SOGL. Pattern.

Dress binding
Facial and Purls rows-facial loops.

Facial surface
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops.

Purl Dress Binding
Facial and Purls Series-purls loops.

Density of Knitting
12 p. x 15.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm;
10 p. x 16 r. = 10 x 10 cm.

Doing the work

To Dial on Spokes 59 (67) 75 loops and for a lath to tie 6 sm a rubber band.

Continue to work with a pattern with extended loops.

Through 20.5 cm = 32 Series (18 cm = 28 rows) 15.5 cm = 24 rows from the strap to add to the lateral bevel on both sides 1 x 1 P., then in each 2nd row 9 x 1 p. and in each 4th row 2 x 1 p. sogl. Pattern = 83 (91) 99 p.

After 59.5 cm = 92 series from the strap close for shoulder bevel on both sides 1 x 1 P., then in each row 9 x 1 p., then in each 2nd row 3 x 5 (6) 7 p.

After 70 cm = 108 rows from the plank to close the remaining 35 p., with the average 23 p. form the neck, external to 5 (6) 7 p.-Shoulders.

Left Shelf
Dial on the Spokes 27 (31) 35 loops and tie the bar as on the backrest.

Continue to work with a pattern with extended loops.

The Lateral bevel on the right edge to execute, as on a back = 39 (43) 47 p.

After 48 cm = 74 of the row from the bar is underlined to reduce the bevel of the neck on the left edge of 1 x 1 P., then in each 4th row 8 x 1 p.

At the Same time perform shoulder bevel on the right side, as on the backrest.

At the height of the backrest close the remaining 5 (6) 7 shoulder.

Right Shelf
Knit the same as the left shelf, but in the mirror display, with the underlined ubavki for the neck to run on the right edge.

Pocket (2 parts)
Dial 19 loops and knit a pattern with extended loops.

After 15.5 cm = 24 rows from the initial row to tie for the closing strap 2 cm elastic band. Then Close all loops on the figure.

Perform shoulder seams.

For a lath to dial on spokes on boards of shelves and edge of a neck of 211 loops and to knit an elastic band. At width of a lath 6 SM close all loops on drawing.

For a strap of a sleeve to dial on circular spokes on a direct edge of each sleeve on 52 (56) 60 loops, slightly having put edges of sleeves, and to knit an elastic band, thus between Kromovyi to tie alternately 1 face, 1 wrong. At width of a lath 12 SM close all loops on drawing.

Run the side seams and seams of the sleeves. The Pockets are inclined to sew on the shelves SOGL. Photos.

To Dial on spokes 25 loops and for a lath to tie 3 SM = 5 numbers of a platelkoj, thus to start with 1 Iznanochnogo of a row.

Continue work as follows: Edge, 3 p. platelkoj, 17 p. A front smooth, 3 p. platelkoj, Kromokoy.

Through 194 cm = 310 rows from the strap for the closing strap to tie 3 cm = 5 rows of reverse. Then close all loops like purls.

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