Crochet Skirt Free Pattern

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Knitted Skirt Size: 44-48

Materials for knitting Skirts:

• Yarn "Magic-Fine" (49% wool, 51% acrylic; length of thread-490 m for 100 g):-400 g black and 100 g white;
• Circular Spokes № 3;
• Braid of 3 cm width and length of 2.5 m;
• Elastic band in the waist (width 5 cm and length about 80 cm).

Weave and patterns for skirt spokes:

Front (LG) and Purl surface (IG);
Norwegian pattern knit by scheme; Elastic band 2x2

Density of mating for Norwegian pattern:
22 Pet. x 25 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

The skirt is knitted without side seams in a circle.
The skirt is knit from the bottom upwards.

The description of knitting skirt by spokes.

Black Thread Dial 504 pet.


6 Circular series of LG,
1 row of Purl pet. (This will be the bend area)
6 rows of LG.

Then knit 138 rows of Norwegian pattern according to the scheme (will be 18 rapports).

Then another 28 rows of the rubber band 2x2 black thread.

In the next row, boil every 2 pet. Together the Front (= 252 pet).
Further two rows of black thread of the LG and 48 series of pattern on the scheme, alternating from the 1st to the 6th series.

Tie another 16 rows of black-colored LG and close the loops, trying not to pull the edge.

Turn the bottom edge of the skirt on the wrong side of the bend line and sew.


On the top edge, remove the last 16 rows of black thread on the wrong side and sew inside.

Insert the elastic band.
Steam the product.
On the bottom edge sew the kappronew braid.

Norwegian pattern. Scheme.

In the scheme of snowflakes marked white thread, empty cell denotes a black thread.

Source : http:/razpetelka.ru/vyazanye-yubki/yubka-spicami.html/

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