Pullover with Openwork Pattern

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Assembly: Perform shoulder seams with 
Both are old in length on 11 (13) cm, 
Lining sleeves. Perform side 
Seams (48.5 (47.51 from the bottom edge) and 
Seams of sleeves. Neck Obvja- 
Ty the turquoise thread of R. Nrachego 
Step "(art. On the left is grass). 
Pullover with openwork patterns 
Sizes: 36-40 (42j441 
You will need: the 100 g lilac 
1caet 37], Yellow-green (color 15). 
Turquoise (color 35), Blue (color 
36), light zeljonoј (color and 50 g 
Orange (color 24] yarn ATia 
(100% cotton. 165 ЋPG) [WPA Gr • OS- 
Ba Hook 4. 
Openwork Patterns A-C: knit on scheme- 
Iu. Each row starting with 1, W or 4 
Humidity. P. Lifting instead of 1st. Mr 
Art. or art. C, ' 2h. Pospednjuju p. series 
Knit d Pospednjuju Vazd, N, lifting, 
In art, art, prev. Series, a number of 
In different strips of patterns always seminomas- 
Dark with P, before rapportom. Marked 
Gray. Then repeat that rapport and 
Finishing loops after Rvlloџta, 
marked with grey for clarity 
The diagram shows several adapted 
For each pattern. Inside a number of p, above 
Humidity. P. Knit in Aszd. N, pre, row, 
In height for uzdshha knit once with 
1st 4th P,, for Uzrrd_v knit 
Times from 5 to R... Repeat 10th 
and 11th P,, for uzr24_b knit once with 
12-Gopo 15-R., Povtorjaљ 14-Th 15th 
R., at the end again DPJ uzrrd_v knit 
Times from the 16th PS to the 20th p,, repeat the 19th 
The sequence of colors and 
Ditch a (back and front): 4 p. pattern 
D Lilac. D R. pattern in SVETLP • Zepjo- 
2 p, pattern with yellow-green and 
Turquoise, 9 R. Pattern in blue, 5 p. 
Pattern in Zhjoptd-Zeljonaј and 3 p. pattern 
In Orange. 3 p. Pattern C Light 
Green and 2 p. Pattern with blue. 7 p, 
Pattern in Orange and E R. Pattern in 
Pilovoj thread, 2 p. Pattern with yellow- 
Zepjonoi and 3 p, pattern with turquoise 
Thread = 57 R. 
The sequence of colors and UGA- 
Rav in [sleeves): 4 p, pattern D lilac, 
7 p, Uzorv in light Zepenpј, 2 p, pattern 
With Zhjopto • Zelenoј and R. Pattern with Biro 
Zovoј thread. 7 p. Pattern in blue. 6 p. 
Pattern in yellow-zepenoj and 4 p. Pattern in 
Orange Nlju. W R, Pattern with light- 
Green and 2 p, pattern with lime thread, 
5 p. pattern in Turquoise thread = 43 R. 
Knitting fee: Openwork pattern in: 
-10x 10 cm: openwork 
Pattern C: 5 adapted and 4.5 p,- 
Backrest: Lilac thread to gain the 
Kidney of 95 (103) Humidity p. + Humidity P. 
Lifting. Knit in Posledovatepnosgi 
Colors and patterns A, with 1st. 
to R. Knit in 2-nd humidity. P. From the hook 
= 95 [1d31 p, through be, 5 cm = 57 p, 
From the beginning to finish the work, 
Before: Knit like Slinku, 
Sleeves. We recommend that you 
A full-size pattern and 
Putting it to work. Perform non- 
Subtraction and additions, 
Lllpvpј thread to dial a chain of 45 
Humidity, L. + 1 Humidity. P. Lifting, Knit 
In a sequence of colors and patterns 
Ј Art. TS, ' n 1st R. Knit 
In the 2nd humidity. p, from hook = 45 p. for 
Bevels add on both sides of the LA 
P. in 3-th, then in each 3-th R. 12 
(9) x p. and in each 2 p. P (5) x 
Kontrapiruv Adding PA you- 
Cutting and performing slants from both 

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