Drooping Collar Sweater Free Pattern

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Women's Drooping Collar Sweater 
For Gr. 34/36, 38/40 and 42/44 
The data for Gr. 38/40 are available in 
Brackets before the forward slash, for 
Ct. 42/44 after the forward slash. 
If only one indication is 
All the above-mentioned sizes. 
Material: ONIine Line 346 Arona 5 (5/6) 
KN. fb. 621115, 
I long circular needle 5.0-mm. 
Kraus right: back and forth. Right or I 
Round right, I turn left in alternating str. 
Smooth right: Hinr. Right, back. Left or 
Each round right St. 
Pattern Sequence: * 24 R Garter Sts, 18 R Smooth 
Right, AB * Forti. Reps. 
Note: To create beautiful, even edges 
We recommend that you 
To knit the edge stitches, i.e. the Edge 
Mesh is used both at the beginning and 
Knit right at the end of the row. 
Sample size: 
Kraus Right: 
20 m — 10 cm wide 
40 R — 10 cm high 
GATT Right: 
20 m-10 cm wide 
30 R = 10 cm high 
Attention: If the mesh 
Sample correspondingly thicker or thinner 
Use Needles! 
Please note: pure cotton 
and pure wool should not be too loose 
Be entangled. 

Working instructions: 
Back part: with ND. 5.0-MM 80 (88/ 
96) M Conn. And according to model sequence arb. 
After approx. 54 cm from the stop or after 
24 R Garter right for shoulders on both sides 
Each 27 (30/33) m cast off. and the Mittl. 26 
(28/30) M for the neck cut down. 
Front part: With ND, 5.0-6.0 mm 80 (88/ 
96) M Conn. And according to model sequence arb. 
After approx. 36 cm or after 18 R smooth right 
For the armholes on both sides each 38 
(41/44) M new Conn. = Total. 156 (170/ 
184) m. Now still 24 R Kraus right St., 
Then smooth right weiterarb. 
At the same time from the beginning of the armholes 
For the shoulder bevel on both sides in each 
Follow. 6. R 7 (8/9) x each 1 m ABN. -142 (154/ 
166). M. 
For the acceptances at the beginning of the series, the 
Edge St. and M R str "1 m R depending, follow. M R 
Street. And they were held. M or on the 
End of the row up to the last 4 m str., 
Follow. 2 m R. Str., i m R, Randm. 
After approx. 49.5 (51/52,5) cm from the stop 
or after 13.5 (15/16.5) cm from the beginning of the 
Armausschnittes all M shut down. 
Work out: For the waterfall collar with 
of long Circular needle 5.0-6.0 mm 
The set-aside m of the front and back 
Take part = total. 168 (182/196) m 
And in round smooth right St. 
After approx. 16 cm all M loosely cast off, 
The shoulder seams sign according to--from 
Diamond to star-close. 
For the armhole apertures from point to 
Star 66 (72/80) m and 3 R 
Garter St, then the M., with R 
Street. Close the side seams.

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