Knitting Tunic Top Free Pattern

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38/40 (42/44 in)

You will need to
Yarn (50% natural wool, 50% yak wool; 130 m/50 g)-550 (600) g dark olive; Spokes № 6.

Patterns and diagrams

Alternately 1 Front, 1 purl, crown.

Facial surface
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops.

Purl surface
Facial rows-purls loops, purls rows-facial loops.

Cross Band
* 2 rows of reverse smooth,
4 rows of facial smoothness,
from * constantly repeating.

Braid A Pattern (30 loops)
Knit SOGL. Diagram 1. On it are given facial ranks. In the purl rows all loops to tie on the figure. Constantly repeating the 1st-24th series.

Braid B Pattern (30 loops)
Knit as pattern A, but SOGL. Diagram 2.

Extended Braid pattern (48 loops)
Knit as Patterns A and B, but run 1 times 30 loops circuit 1 and then 1 time the last 18 loops circuit 2, while in the "Kosah" scheme 2 to perform overlap to the left (3 loops left on the auxiliary spokes before work, the following 3 loops to touch the front, then loops With the auxiliary spokes to touch the facial).

Density of Knitting
18 p. x 26 P. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a transverse rubber band,
24 and 26 R. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the patterns of "braid" A and B;
30 p. = Width 12.5 cm;
48 the P. = 20 SM, is connected by an extended pattern from "braid".

Before and back as a result of regular increments and decreases form parallelograms, the direction of knitting = arrow on the pattern. The Finished product has a beveled line of the bottom. For clarity, the distribution of patterns for the front is shown on the pattern. The Dimensions in cm in the instructions are always calculated in the direction of knitting.

Doing the work

To Dial on Spokes 116 (124) loops a cross set and for a lath to tie 5 sm a rubber band.

Continue the work as follows: Kromokno, 2 (4) p. A pattern of "braid" A (= The last 2 (4) p. Diagrams 1), 28 (30) p. Transverse elastic Band, 30 p. Pattern of "braid" A, 28 (30) p. Transverse Rubber Band, 26 (28) p. Pattern of "braid" A (= First 26 (28) p. Diagram 1) For edges.

At the Same time to give shape in the 3rd row of the bar, starting at the beginning of the series, after the crown to add 1 face or wrong crossed from the transverse thread sogl. Pattern At the end of the row before cutting the two loops together face or reverse sogl. Pattern The number of loops remains unchanged. These increases and decrease to execute in total 73 times in each Lyceum row, thus on the right edge the first 28 (26) Additions to fill a pattern from "braid" A, the following 28 (30) increments to execute a transverse elastic band and the remaining 17 p. Again to execute a pattern from "braid" A ( = Pattern from the last loop to line to the right).

Through 57 cm = 148 rows from the strap to continue working for the shoulder strap by rubber band. At width of a lath 3.5 sm to close loops on drawing.

Knit is the same as before, but in the mirror and with the pattern of "braid" B. To do this, after the loop, distribute as follows: Edge, 26 (28) p. Pattern of "braid" B (= Last 26 (28) p. Diagrams 2), 28 (30) p. Transverse elastic Band, 30 p. Pattern of "braid" B , 28 (30) p. Transverse Rubber Band, 2 (4) p. Pattern of "braid" B (= First 2 (4) p. Diagram 2), edging.

Starting from the 3rd row from the bar, to perform at the beginning of a series of Ubavki, and at the end of a series of increments, with the left edge of the first 28 (26) Increments to fill the pattern of "braid" B, the next 28 (30) increments to perform a transverse rubber band and the remaining 17 increments to perform the pattern of " Braid "B (= pattern from the last loop to line to the left).

To Dial on spokes for each sleeve on 44 (48) loops a cross set and for a lath to tie 5 sm a rubber band, thus in the last Vixen row, evenly distributed, to add 10 (12) P. = 54 (60) p.

Continue working as follows: Edge, 2 (5) p. Transverse Rubber Band, 48 p. Extended pattern of "braid", 2 (5) p. Transverse rubber Band, edging.

At the Same time add to the bevel sleeves on both sides in each 6th row of the strap 16 x 1 p. and include in the transverse gum = 86 (92) p.

After 38 cm = 100 rows from the strap close all loops sogl. Pattern.

Perform shoulder seams on both sides on 14 (15.5) cm. Sew sleeves SOGL. Size on the pattern, see also from * to * on the pattern. Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves.

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