Knitting Tunic Free Pattern

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 Basic patterns:

      Elastic band 1х1;

      Pattern "Lush Spikelets" or "Lush Christmas trees".

      Wrong surface.


 | | - the front hinge

     --- - purl loop

    L-1 loop remove before work

    1/2 - 2 loops take off on extra spoke for work, 1 facial, then we sew 2 facial with additional knitting needles

    2/1 - 1 loop to take off on the extra spoke before work, 2 facial, then tie a loops from the additional knitting needle.


For the sample, we collect the number of loops multiple of 10.

Long singing - facial with three turns. When removing loops in even rows, it is necessary to place the working thread in front of the loop, and in odd ones - behind the linen.

0th row - 1 front, 4 purl

1st row - 1 purl, 3 facial, 1 long, 1 purl, 1 long, 3 facial

2-nd and 4-th rows - knit by drawing, long loops to take off, throwing off turns

3rd and 5th rows - 1 purl, in the foursome, swap the 4th and the 1st loops, so that 4th lies over the 1st; tie these 4 loops face, then tie one of the wrong ones. In the next four, swap the 1st and 4th loops so that the 1st lies on top of the 4th, repeat to the end of the row.

6th row - 1 front, 4 purl; alternating to the end of the series.

7th row - repeat drawing.

Knit a tunic follows from the sleeve to the sleeve with one cloth, dividing, knitting for the cutout of the neck.

Separately, tie a wide elastic band for the bottom of the tunic and decorate it.

The knitting scheme given below is the best suited for knitting tunics, using their own parameters and sizes.

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