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Straight wide pullover! Wide cut, light, pleasant-colored yarn, simple knitting and bright azure shade. Such a pullover with a cut-out “boat” gives comfort in everything.

The model is presented №25 from the magazine FILATI N.47 Paradiso yarn.

Provides instructions for knitting for size: 42-46, 48-52.

Tools: circular needles No. 10, 80 cm long; straight needles number 8.

The model is made in Paradiso yarn, color 26 - it is derived from the regular collection of the manufacturer - we suggest you choose your own shade.

Tie beautiful women's sweater with knitting needles

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. P.

Wrong surface: persons. R. - ex. n., izn. R. - persons. P.

The density of knitting, individuals. smooth and izn. smooth surface, needles number 10: 11 p. and 15 p. = 10 × 10 cm; individuals. smooth and izn. smooth surface, needles number 8: 13 n. and 19 p. = 10 × 10 cm

Back: on the needles number 10 dial 76 (80) p. Begin with 1 out. a number of trace. way: chrome., 16 (18) paragraphs. smooth, 42 p. smoothing, 16 (18) p. smooth Through 46 cm = 69 p. mark the beginning of the armhole on both sides of the inset edge and then knit straight. After 14 (15) cm = 22 (24) p. from the beginning of the armhole, all loops are free to close according to the drawing.

Before: knit as back.

Sleeves: on the needles number 8 dial 38 (41) p. And tie first 1 w. a number of individuals. Then knit the faces. satin stitch. After 15 cm = 29 p. from the dial edge of the loop is free to close.

Assembly: straighten the details on the pattern, moisten and allow to dry. Run seams, side seams - only up to the mark and shoulder seams - by 20 (22) cm. Stitch sleeves.


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