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Loose coat of knitting needles for women, patterned large rice. For knitting, pure-wool rather thick beige yarn is used. A back, shelves and before knit separately. A collar is also separately connected, which is sewn around the edge of the neckline of the back and front. Description coat is designed for a variety of sizes

Patons Design


Chest circumference: 
Extra-Small / Small 71-86.5cm 
Medium 91.5-96.5 cm 
Large 101.5-106.5 cm 
Extra-Large 112-117 cm 
2/3 X-Large 122-137 cm 
4/5 X-Large 142-157.5 cm

Chest circumference (finished product): 101.5 (112, 122, 137, 147.5, 162.5) cm


Patons® Classic Wool Roving ™ yarn (100% wool, 100 g / 109 m) 11-12-13-14-16-18 skeins, 6 mm circular knitting needles, 4 markers

Knitting density

15 loops and 20 rows = 10x10 cm face surface

Description coat spokes women 


Dial 83 (91-99-109-117-129) p. And knit with 1x1 elastic band (1 person.p., 1 sub.p.) 12 rows, then continue with 2x2 pearl pattern (change the loop in each 2nd row of the pattern ). In the 5th row of the pattern, subtract 1 p. On each side, repeat the row of declines in each 12th row until the needles have 75 (83-91-101-109-121) p. 48 cm from the typesetting edge for armholes sleeves to close 5 (7-9-12-14-18) paragraph at the beginning of the trace. 2 rows and continue knitting according to the pattern. When the height of the armholes of the sleeves is 23 (24.5-25.5-25.5-26.5-26.5) cm, close all the loops and put markers, counting along the edges 18 (20-21-23-24-26) for shoulders, the other loops - neckline backrest.

Left shelf

Dial 61 (67-73-81-87-95) n. And knit with 1x1 elastic band 12 rows, while at the end of the 1st row knit 1 w. and 3 persons. p., at the beginning of the trail. ex. remove 1 p. as izn., 2 izn.p., 1 person.p. continue to continue knitting with a rubber band. Next, continue knitting with a pearl pattern, except for 3 loops at the end of the face. = strap loops. Perform a decrease in the 5th row (at the beginning of the row) as for the back and then repeat the row of decrease in every 12th row while the spokes will be 57 (63-69-77-83-91) p. 48 cm close 5 ( 7-9-12-14-18) p. At the beginning of the trace. persons and then knit the shelf to the height of the armhole sleeves 12.5 (14-15-15-16.5-16.5) cm, finish in lits.r. 

Forming a lapel and neckline

Track. external side: close 25 (26-27-29-31-33) paragraph and knit to the end of the row according to the pattern. Reduce 1 p. In the neckline line to the next. 5 (5-7-7-7-7) rows, then in every 2nd more 4 (5-5-6-7-7) p. = 18 (20-21-23-24-26) p. After 23 (24.5-25.5-25.5-26.5-26.5) see close the loop in the next. persons

Right coat shelf knit symmetrically left shelf. 


Dial 37 (37-39-39-45-47) p. And knit 8 rows with 1x1 rubber band, then knit 6 rows with pearl pattern. In the next add 1 pp from each side to the row, repeat the number of additions in every 4th row until the needles will be 67 (71-75-75-79-79) p. Through 45.5 (44.5-43-43-40.5-38) cm from the typesetting edge finish knitting izn.r. Put markers on each side of the sleeve and tie another 6 (8-10-14-16-20) rows according to the pattern, close the loop.


Run the shoulder seams, sew the sleeves and complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves.


Dial 101 (101-105-105-109-109) p. And knit: 
1 row: 1 person.p., * 1 person.p., 1 per.p., repeat from * to last. 2 loops of a row, 2 persons.p. 
2 row: 1 person. P., * 1 d.p., 1 person. P., Repeat from * to last. 2 loops of a row, 1 end, 1 person. 
3 and 4 rows: lits.p.

Repeat the last 4 rows to a height of 12.5 cm, finish in the 4th row of the pattern.

In the next persons knit: 36 (36-37-37-38-38) n. pattern, close the trace. 29 (29-31-31-33-33) p. And knit 36 ​​(36-37-37-38-38) p. Next, knit on the last. 36 (36-37-37-38-38) p. Of a row, doing the following. ex. Close 6 points at the beginning of the trail. a row and further at the beginning of each 2nd row 4 more times. Close remaining 6 (6-7-7-8-8) p.

From izn. side attach the thread to the remaining loops and close the 6 p. at the beginning of the trace. and then at the beginning of each 2nd row 4 more times. Knit another 1 row and close all the loops. Mark the center of the collar and connect it with the center of the neckline of the back. Sew a collar around the edge of the neckline.

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