Openwork Top Crochet Pattern

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From Lilac yarn is tied top, but the strap on the chest and straps make it unusual. The model is connected by spokes. Dimensions: 34/36 (38/40) 42/44. 

Top with leaf pattern
Dimensions: 34/36 (38/40) 42/44

You need: 250 (300) 300 g lilac yarn Silka (100% silk, 150 m/50 g); Needles and Hook № 3.5 and ring.
Openwork pattern, rapport of 20 p.: Knit according to the scheme on which the persons are given. and IPMs. R. Repeat rapport and finish the last p. Scheme. Repeat from 1st to 24th R.

Facial surface: Faces. R.-Persons. P., IPMs. R.-IPMs. P.
Main pattern: Art. b/N, with each p. Start with 1 humidity. P. lifting.
"Rachij Step": Art. b/n from left to right.
Density of knitting. Openwork pattern: 22 p. and 27 R. = 10 x 10 cm. Persons. Surface: 22 p. and 32 R. = 10x10 cm.

Backrest: Dial 103 (123) 143 p. and knit between chrome. Openwork pattern. After 40 cm from the set edge evenly reduce 23 (35) 47 p. and knit faces. Surface. For lateral bevels add on both sides in each 10-M R. 5 x 1 P. Through 18 cm hinge close. Before: Knit the same way.

Strap-Tunnel: Dial 8 p., tie, between Chrome. 16 cm persons. Stitch and hinges close. Tie the bar to one circle. R. Art. b/N and "Rachego step".

Halter: Tie a chain of humidity. P. length 76 cm or desired length, tie 4 р. The main pattern, while in the last p. To put the average 30 cm to 24 cm, in order to get rounded for the neck. Sew the short sides.

Assembly: Perform side seams. Tie the cut edge to 1 circle. R. Art. b/N and "Rachego step". Lay in the middle hand on 6 cm three horizontal folds and fix. Sew on the folds on both sides of the bar-tunnel, with the top to grab the pearl ring. Stretch through the ring, as in the photo.

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