Women Sweater Free Pattern

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Women's Sweaters 
For Gr. 34/36, 38/40 and 42/44 
The data for Gr. 38/40 are in brackets 
Before the forward slash, for Gr. 42/44 after the 
Slash. If only one indication is 
For all the above-mentioned sizes. 
Material: ONIine Line 346 Arona 5 (5/6) kn. fb. 
621114, knitting Needles 5.0-mm, 1 short round. 
Knitting needle 5.0-6.0 mm, plait pattern needles. 
Smooth right: Hinr. Right, back. Links stn 
Smooth left: Hinr. Left, moves. Right St. 
Braid I and Braid il: the Hinr. According to the corresponding. 
Knitted writing Arb., the M of the back. Left St. 
X the 1st-86. Series Arb., then the 
3rd-86. Series Forti. Reps. 
Note: To create beautiful, even edges, 
We recommend you to get nodules edge • 
Stitches to Knit, D-H. The Edge stitch is 
Both at the beginning and at the end of the series 
Knitted on the right. 
Sample size: 
Smooth right: 
18 m — 10 cm wide • 24 r = 10 cm high 
Plait and smooth left in mix: 
21 m = 10 cm wide 24 R = 10 cm high 
Attention: If the mesh sample is different 
correspondingly thicker or thinner needles 
Please note: pure cotton and pure 
Wool should not be entangled too loosely. 
Working instructions. Back piece: With 5.0-6.0 mm 
90 (98/108) m Conn. and 3 R Smooth left St., 
With a back. Start, then follow. 
Division of ARB.: Randm., 15 (18/22) m smooth left. 
16 m Braid L, 5 (6/7) m smooth left, 16 m braid IL, 
5 (6/7) m smooth left, 16 m Braid L, 15 (18/22) m 
Smooth left. Edge St. 
After 43 (41.5/40) cm from the stop for the arm 
Cut out the cutouts on both sides of each 3 (4/5) m. and further 
continued in every succession. 2. R 1 x 2 m and 3 (4/5) x each 
1 m. = 74 (78/84) m. 
After 62 cm from stop for neckline 
The Mittl. 30 m. And on both sides of it in succession. 
2. R 1 x 2 MABK. 
After 64 cm from the stop for the shoulders the 
Balance. Each 20 (22/25) m. 
Front piece: Like the back piece arb.. But already 
After 55 cm from stop for neckline 
The Mittl. 12 m. And both sides of it for the 
Cutting round in each succession. 2. R 1 x 4 m, X 
3 m. 1 x 2 m and 2 Xje 1 m. 
Sleeves: with ND.-mm 34 (37/40) m 
Conn. and 3 R Smooth left St.. With a 
Back. Start. Then smooth right weiterarb. 
At the same time from stop for the since '. Schrägun 
On both sides as follows: Gr. 34/36: • I x in 
6. R and I Xin success. 8. R each 1 m., AB • still 
6 x Reps: gr. 38/40:16 x in each 6. R per m 
; Gr. 42/44: • X in 4. R and X in succession. 6. 
R each 1 m.. From another 8 x reps. Total. 62 
(69/76) M. After 43 (42/41) cm from stop for 
Cast off the preruffled on both sides each 3 (4/5) m. And 
Continue in every succession. 2. R x 2 m, 14 (15/16) x 
Each 1 m. 1 X2M and I x 3 MABK. 
After 58 cm from Stop the restl. 14 (17/20) m 
Abk. Both sleeves are equal to arb. 
Working out: Parts clamping, moistening and 
Let it dry. Close the Schuiternähte. Sleeve 
Use. Sleeve. and side seams close. 
For the neck diaphragm with the circular needle 
The entire neck cut-out edge 90 m considers that 
And in round smooth left (= each round 
left) Str. After 3rd. all M, with the right St. 

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