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Four multicolored packages of "peony" from pnk (70% cotton, 30% viscose). Colors were white, coral, light green and turquoise


I was knitting from above. The colors alternated in the following order:
Chain and 1st row-Turquoise,
2nd row-Coral,
3rd row-White,
4th and 5th-Green,
8th and 9th-Turquoise and so on.

The extension was made in the first of two turquoise or Green series (looking at what color was prioritized): If you look at the scheme, then they knit columns with a scale with an air loop between them, clinging to the arch, then a simple column, then for the connection of two PRSs of the previous row. For expansion, I had two PRSs with an air loop under the arch of the three air loops of the previous row, and PRSs for a simple column (which is marked by a cross) did not. And then the problem was only to correctly calculate the number of arches in the next row, and if necessary, add or subtract, so that it was multiple two, because otherwise did not succeed. )))

As a result, I finished everything white next and made strapping with white simple columns. The upper Edge was also tied with simple columns inside out-did not like the edge of the braid.

On the dress it took about 2.5 Motka turquoise and light green, 3 Motka white and 5 Motkov Coral (Motki on 50 g).

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