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For knitting bags you will need: 250 grams of Wollzauber beige yarn (80% wool, 20% polyamide, 95 m / 50 g), straight needles No. 5.5, 2 handles. 
Shawl 1: persons. and izn. R. - persons n 
Shawl 2: persons. and izn. R. -iz. n. 

Pattern with cocas A wide 12 p .: knit on the scheme 1, on which only persons are shown. R. In izn. R. all hitch knit izn. or ĸaĸ is indicated. Repeat from the 1st to the 16th p. 

Pattern with braids B width 15 p.: Knit according to scheme 2. on which only persons are shown. R. In izn. p. All the knittings are crocheted according to the pattern. Repeat from 1st to 6th p. Rubber: close .. * 1 persons .. 2 out .. 1 persons., Repeat from *. chrome In izn. p. knit loops according to the pattern. 

Attention: the bag is knitted with a thread in 2 packs. Link 2 identical details. 
Middle density of knitting: 16.5 p, and 20 p. = 10x10 cm

Description: for the 1st part, type 47 p. And distribute their trace. way: except for., 3 paragraphs of the plate mating 2, 12 paragraphs of the pattern with braids A, 15 paragraphs of the pattern with B axes, 12 paragraphs of the vision with ciphers A. Now from the 9th p. Schemes, 3 p. patch mating 2. crome. Simultaneously add from both sides, starting from the set of 3 ĸ 1 n. In each 2nd p. and 2 x 1 n. in each 4 r p. = 57 points and knit a cloth viscous 1. After 8 cm = 16 p. from the keypad, close from both sides for side skis 1 x 1 p. then 4 x 1 p. in each 6 p. = 47 points. Through 24 cm = 48 p. from a fresh edge knit further rubber, while in the 1st p. Evenly add 5 p. = 42 p. Through 6 cm from the beginning of the gum, all of them are hidden in the picture. ‍ ‌ ‌ ‍

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