Women Blouse Crochet Free Pattern

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36/38 (42/44) 48/50 

Yarn (100% sheep's wool; 80 m / 100 g) - 1100 (1200) 1300 g in shingles in turquoise-violet tones; needles number 10; round needles number 9 and 10; painting in the form of a black-haired boulevard. 

The following patterns knit with needles No. 10. 
Persons p .: 2 crosses the right for a cross (= 1 p. leave the auxiliary spoke at work, 1 person, then drop the loop with the help needle to knit the front or the second loop of the left knitting needle to tie the front loop to the pattern, and you need to leave the keyboard; I lick the face, then both loops remove the knob from the left). 

Out p .: both loops knit purl. 


Persons in the rows - inner hinges, inner rows in the front facial loops. 

Both edges on 3 pet. 

Persons R .: at the beginning of the row, fasten 2 facial ones, 1 s. remove, as with knit, with a loop and stitch at the end, 1 s. at the end of the row, pull as a thread, and 2 face. 

Out R .: in the row, tied with 1 front, 2 underside, at the end of the row - 2 underside, 1 front. 


The number of loops is first a multiple of 7 + 3 + 6 p. Of the patent one. 
Knit 3 paragraphs of the patent edge, 
4 points with the unlined satin, 
* 2 points with a ribbed pattern with crossed loops, 
5 points with the unbroken satin, 
from * constantly repeat, 
finish off with 2 sections of the ribbed look with crossed loops, 
4 items of the misfit, 4 
3 p. Patent edge. 


11 p. X 13 p. = 10 x 10 cm, associated with the pattern of “Kosa”. 

The patent edge is marked on the pattern and 2 cm 

pa . The backrest and shelves should be knitted to a single, flat No. 10 rows of rows in the forward and reverse direction. Then finish the details separately. 


On the knitting needles, dial 177 (191) 205 loops and knit with a “Kosa” pattern. 


Without taking into account the external band of the external head between the 1st and last “rib” with crossed loops, you will receive 23 (25) 27 half of the other side of the smooth surface.

To impart A-silyet through 17 cm = 22 p. From the initial row, add 12 (13) 14 sec., for this purpose, between the “edges” with the crossed chains in the 1st, and then in the 2nd half of the unwrapped headband, first fasten the second 2 sec. in the opposite direction = 165 (178) 191 In the next 10th series, reduce another 11 (12) 13 points, to do this, between the “ribs” with intermittent harnesses in the rest of the hems of the wearing back of the first 2 points, knit together with the wrong = 154 (166) 178 points; all strips of inside smooth surface consist now of 4 loops. 

For the bevel of the neck through 26 cm = 34 p. From the first row on both sides, close the 3 patty edges of the patent edge and continue to knit the next loop as short = 148 (160) 172 p. To continue the displacement from both sides, remove 4 times in 2 p. and 2 times in each 4th p. 1 p.

At the same time for the formation of the A-silhouette through 32.5 cm = 42 p. from the starting row, reduce again 12 (13) 14 items, for this purpose between “edges” with crossed skins in the 1st, and then in each next 2nd band of the wrong head, twist the last 2 items together with the wrong side; in the next 10th row, add another 11 (12) 13 sec., for this, in the other areas of the inside of the smooth surface, knit the second 2 sec. together with the wrong side; Purl strips consist now of 3 loops. 

After 40 cm = 52 p. will remain another 113 (123) 133 p. 

To make the pro-parts, finish the parts separately, while the following, possibly, full “ribs” with crossed pads should be tied with a wrinkle gum.
Back to the back to continue to knit according to the pattern of the middle 59 (63) 67 p., With this for a row in the 1st row from both sides to bury 1 x 2 p., Then in 2 nd row to bury 2 x 2 p. And 2 x 1 p. = 43 (47) 51 p. 

To cut the neck through 61.5 cm = 80 p. (64.5 cm = 84 p.) 67.5 cm = 88 p. from the beginning of the series close the middle 11 paragraph and both sides to terminate separately. For rounding the cut-out on the internal edge of the next 2 nd row, close 1 x 3 p. 

Simultaneously with the 2nd decrease of the horn for shoulder skis along the edge of the close, close the 1 x 7 (4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4). R. (67.5 cm = 88 p.) 70.5 cm = 92 p. from the initial row close the remaining 6 (7) 8 p. shoulders.

For the left shelf, continue to knit the last 27 (30) 33 items according to the pattern, while closing the armhole from the right edge in the 1st row, close the 1 x 3 paragraph, then close the 2nd row and close the 2 x 2 of and 2 x 1 p. 

Simultaneously, to continue the slope of the mouth in the 5th row from splitting the items along the left edge, subtract 1 x 1 p. 3 times in each 6th row) 6 times alternately in each 4th and 6th row, 1 p. = 13 (15) 17 p. 

Perform the shoulder bevel from the right side in the same way as at the back. 

At the height of the back, all the loops will be consumed. 

Do the right shelf symmetrically left on the remaining 27 (30) 33 loops. 

On the needles, type 32 (37) 42 points for each hand and knit it with a “Kosa” pattern, and distribute it in the following way: chrome, 4 items from jade, * 2 n. ribbed pattern with transverse hinges, 3 n. stitch, from * repeat 3 (4) 5 times, terminate 2 s. of the rib pattern, 4 s. smooth and rom. 

For the bevel of the sleeves from the first row on both sides, add 3 times in each 14th row (4 times alternately in each 10th and 12th row) 5 times in each 8th row after 1 st. smoothing = 38 (45) 52 p. 

For turning the arm after 43 cm = 56 p. from the side of both sides close 1 x 3 p., then in each 2 nd row, close 1 x 2 p., 5 x 1 p. and 2 x 2 p. 

Through 57 cm = 74 p. From the initial row, close the remaining 10 (17) 24 p. 


Shoulder seams.

On the edges of the neck on the right side of the neckline, starting from the end of the patent edge, type a circular pin number 9 (52 (56) 60 points), and 25 points in the edge of the neckline on the back of it and in the 1st p. (= Izn. p.) all 129 (137) 145 p. knit as follows: chrome, 7 (8) 9 times alternately in 2 faces. and 2 ex. (= 28 (32) 36 p.), 23 times alternately in 2 persons., 1 out., End in 2 persons. (= 71 points), 7 (8) 9 times alternately in 2 out., 2 persons. (= 28 (32) 36 p.), Cri. 

Then continue to work in rows in the following form, while all the loops are knitted according to the pattern. 

2nd p. (= Pers. p.): tie 77 (81) 85 s., turn with 1 nakid, remaining 52 (56) 60 s. defer. 

3rd river: to knit 25 points, turn with 1 nakidom, leaving 52 (56) 60 points to post.

Middle 25 sts continue to knit according to the pattern, while at the end of each row include 6 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 5 delayed loops. After turning the stitches back into operation, rotate with 1 nakidoy and knit in the opposite direction, fasten the swivel heads according to the pattern following the previous loop or the previous loop, so that the holes do not form. 

After 13 rows, after the inclusion of pending loops on the knitting needles, 69 sections will remain on the knitting needles (measured at the back center). 

14th p.: To knit in accordance with the pattern, at the same time doubling the average 23 “edges” with the front loops (= 1 pt.), For this last “rib” with the front loops from the stretch braid, knit 1 cross-section of the face cross and then knit the front stitch, in the end of the series to include in the work of another 5 p. = 97 p.

Continue to knit according to yzory, and at the end of the next purl row include 1 x 5 deferred hinges, then at the end of each next row turn into 4 (6) 8 x x 4, 2 x 3 and 14 x x 2 2 loops = 152 (160) 168 p. Another 2 rows knit at the same time on all the little birds, then close all the loops in the drawing. 

Sew ruvava. To seam the sleeves. The patent edge is turned to the inside of the side and signed so that the loop can be removed from the edge. ‍‌ ‌

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