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Dimensions: 36/38 (42/44)

You will need: 900 (950) g ​​of gray Cora yarn (60% merino wool, 40% polyacryl. 85 m / 50 g): straight and short and long circular needles No. 4, 5 and No. 5.

The following patterns knit # 5.

Out smooth surface: individuals. R. - ex. n .. izn. R. - persons. P.

Pattern of braids (from 24 p.): Knit according to the scheme which shows only persons. R. In izn. R. all loops knit by pattern. Repeat from 1st to 24th p.

Semi-patent pattern, direct and inverse r .: An odd number of loops. Persons R .: Krom .. * 1 p. into the prokop (= 1 persons., at the same time, enter the knitting needle 1 p. below). 1 izn., Repeat from *. 1 n. In the puncture, chrome. Out R .: Krom .. * 1 out. 1 persons., repeat from *. 1 external, chrome.

Semi-patent pattern, circular p.: Even number of loops. 1st circular p.: * 1 p. To puncture. 1 life .. repeat from *. 2nd circular p.: * 1 persons .. 1 res. Repeat from *. Repeat the 1st and 2nd circular rivers.

Braided pattern, circular p.: The number of loops is a multiple of 8. 1st –4th circular p.: Persons, p. 5th circular p.: * 8 p. Cross over to the right (= leave 4 p. On the left side at work 4 persons and knit loops with auxiliary needles.). repeat from *. 6th - 10th and 12th Circular R.: Persons. Section 11 of the circular p.: shift the pattern by 4 points. for this, knit 4 persons. and put them on the safety pin for work. * 8 p. Cross over to the left (= leave 4 p. On the auxiliary spoke before work. 4 persons and knit loops with auxiliary needles of the faces ..), repeat from *. finish as follows: leave the last 4 p. Needles before work, knit pending on the safety pins. then knit 4 p. Knitting needles. Repeat from the 1st to the 12th circular river.

Eraser, needles number 4.5: alternately 1 persons .. 1 out.

Knitting density Out smooth surface with a pattern of braids: 20 p. and 22.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm; semi-patent pattern: 18 p. and 38 p. = 10 x 10 cm; braided pattern: 25 p. and 24 circular p. = 10 x 10 cm; gum (measured in a slightly stretched state): 20 p. and 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm. Attention! In a semi-patterned pattern in stripes of faces. p. on the canvas with faces. side of the work is only visible every 2nd p.

Attention! First knit across from the sleeve to the sleeve back and front yoke of braids. Then tie the shoulder coquette. After that, tie in circular p. whole bottom.

Arrows on the pattern = knitting direction.

Back yoke of braids: starting from the right sleeve, dial 40 (44) p. And knit as follows: chrome, 2 (4) p. Iz. smooth 24 p. Pattern of braids. 12 (14) paras. smooth Through 129 cm = 290 p. (139 cm = 314 p.) From the dial edge, close all the loops.

Attention! through 42.5 cm = 96 p. and 86.5 cm = 194 p. (96.5 cm = 218 p.) Make on the left long edge on the mark These 44 cm = 98 p. (54 cm 122 p.) Between the marks form the edge of attachment of the lower part. Back shoulder yoke / front shoulder yoke: on the right long edge of the yoke from braids, dial 233 (251) section on the long circular needles and knit between the chrome. with a semi-patent pattern, starting with 1 int. R. (a set of loops and 1 st d. p. = 2 p.). After 1 cm = 4 p. from a set of loops start knitting shortened p. bevel sleeves: at the end of each p. to postpone 24 x 8 liters (14 x 9 and 10 x 8 p.), with each time turning to these sections with 1 nakida = 41 (45) p. Through 7.5 cm = 28 p. from the set of loops, continue to work on all the loops, while knitting the nakida with the next or, respectively, with the previous item along the pattern. After 8 cm = 30 p.

Braid front yoke: start from the left sleeve and knit like a yoke back from a braid.

Assembly: upper part: shoulder stitches / seams of the sleeves. Translate into short circular knitting needles No. 5 pending collar loops and knit into 82 (90) sections on a circular pattern. in a 1 m circular p. knit adjacent identical points on the seam together along the pattern = 80 (88) section. At a collar height of 10.5 cm = 40 circular p. all loops close. On short circular knitting needles No. 4.5, dial on the lower edges of the sleeves at 62 (68) p., Tie for a strap between the chrome. 3 cm = 8 p. rubber band and all loops close on the picture. Run the seams of the sleeves to the marks. Bottom part: on the front and rear edge of the attachment, dial 112 (136) s for the bottom, wrap the work in a circle and knit in all 224 (272) s. Circular p. wicker pattern. Through 32.5 cm = 78 circular p. (35 cm = 84 circular p.) From a set of loops tie 1 circular p. persons., at the same time, to align the pattern, uniformly reduce 56 (58) p. = 168 (214) p. Then tie 3 cm = 8 circular p for the strip. rubber band and all loops close on the picture.

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