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Natural shapes and flowing streams adorn knitted socks from designer Rhian Drinkwater. They are connected at first glance with a complex pattern. But this is only a clever combination of purl and facial loops. 

The drawing is easy to perform, and is suitable for women's and men's socks. 


Foot circumference 20-22 cm. 

Recommended yarn: 

Fyberspates Sheila's Sock (100% merino wool; 365 m / 100 g.) - 100 grams. 


Set of double-edged (stocking) knitting needles No. 2.5. 

Knitting density: 

36 loops and 55 rows of the front surface of the face are 10 cm. 


Dial 64 loops on the spokes. Carefully, so that the dialed loops do not twist, connect the dial-up row into a ring and mark the beginning of the row with a marker. 

1-12 circular rows: [2 front loops, 2 purl loops] - to the end of the row. 

Next, knit the pattern pattern "woven gum" until the height of the sock reaches 15 cm from the typesetting edge. 


Heel: The 

heel is knitted on 30 loops in straight and reverse rows.

Continue to knit this way until all the loops are used. 

Further work again continues in circular rows. 

Next row: type 16 loops along the left edge of the heel wall, place marker 1, tie the delayed loops of the upper part of the foot with a “woven elastic” pattern, place marker 2, type 16 loops along the right edge of the heel wall. 

Wedge of rise: 

Circular row of reductions: front loops up to the last 3 loops in front of the marker 1, 2 loops knit together the front one with an inclination to the right, 1 facial loop, knit the “woven gum” pattern to the marker 2, 1 facial loop, 2 loops to knit together front tilt to the left, front loops to the end of the row. 

Circular row without declines: face loops.

Repeat these two rows until there are 64 loops on the needles (30 loops for the sole and 34 loops for the upper part of the foot). Continue to knit the foot without declines, making the sole of the front surface and the upper part of the foot - pattern "woven gum", until the foot length reaches 5 cm shorter than the total length of the toe foot. Finish the 8th or 16th next to the “woven gum” pattern, if possible. 


Tie 1 row with face loops. In this case, move marker 1 forward 1 loop, and marker 2 move 1 loop back. Now on the needles 32 loops for the sole and for the upper part of the foot. 

The following circular rows begin immediately after marker 1. 

Circular row without decay: face loops.

Repeat these 2 rows until 24 loops remain on the needles. Spread these loops equally on two knitting needles (12 loops each). Close on the 1st loop without thread on both sides of each knitting needle (close without thread: throw the last loop on the previous loop). Each needle has 10 loops left. Close the remaining loop knit stitch

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