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Chanel style jacket is a classic. And if you tie him up with his pens with the help of the spokes, he will sit just as perfectly as the second skin. This jacket looks very stylish and beautiful, it is practical, comfortable, simple and elegant. Such a thing can be worn in the office or on an evening walk-it is always appropriate.

Difficulty level: 4 (out of 5).
Size: 36 (S).

You will need:
Materials: Yarn (it is possible to take woolen), a shade of beige – 400/410 grams or 3 Motka, brown colour for furnish – about 100 grams. 
Tools: Spokes-four.

Knitting technique: "Putanka" and pattern on a schematic.

Density of Knitting: adhere 10/10 cm.
Jacket Backrest

Take a thread of brown color. On it we collect 97 pieces of p., then 3.5 or 3.7 sm Vyvyazit "Putankoj" 2/2. We fasten a thread of beige shade and already use a pattern from a scheme. So we knit the canvas up to 43.5 cm. Next you need to create armholes for the sleeves. To do this, we will clean the edges of 3, 2 p. respectively. We tie another 20 cm in height and close the loops.

Jacket shelves

Again use a thread of brown color and collect it 35 pieces of p. Then 3.5/3.7 cm Vyvyazit all the same "Putankoj." We fasten a beige thread, we tie out on a pattern from a scheme, leave on the part of an internal edge 8 pieces of p. In these loops vyvyazit a brown color a thread "Putanku". Further we knit a cloth on a pattern scheme, in parallel adding on p. In each 8th p. Should end up on the spokes of 48 pieces of p. When the height of 43.5 cm is reached, it is also necessary to create armholes. Lower, as with the backrest, 3 and 2 p. On the edges. When it was brought to a height of 55 cm, it is time to make a neck. For this purpose inside the cloth remove 5p, after-4p. and 3p., then 2 times on 2p., then 4 times on 1p.

Jacket Sleeves

Take a thread of brown color, we do 26 pieces of p., we make all the same 3.5 or 3.7 cm "Putankoy". Then we fasten a thread of a shade beige and the same "Putankoj" knit further, adding through 12r by 1 p. When reaching 40.5 cm in height, remove to 1 p., until the height of the head of the sleeve will not turn 8 cm.

Assembly and finishing of the product

We make all necessary seams. Brown thread dial on the edge of the loop and tie the bar "Putankoj", 3.5 cm

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