Lace Flower Dress Free Pattern

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You will need 
200 g pink yarn Puntino 
[1000/0 Cotton, 160 W50 g) 
Hook No: 3 

Knitting density: 16.5 p. and 8.5 R.= 10 X 10 cm. 
spinkshpered: Link a chain of 10 
Humidity. P., wink her 1 conn. Art. In the ring and 
8 adapted. After 20 
Knit by scheme = R. From the beginning of work for the right upper Cha- 
Connect the thread at the arrow, on the hinges 
1st Rapport link on the scheme from the 21st to 
30th and work to finish. Then for the left 
The upper part on the hinges of the 2nd rapport Ty. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder and side 
Seams Lower Edge pass and back to tie 
1 p. Art. 6/N, thus to knit in arches on 4 art. 6/N 
and in art. c/N to 1 art. 6/N. Tie Neck- 
Guilt and Armhole 1 R. Art. 6/N and 1 R. "Rachego 
Step "[Art. 6/h from left to right], while in the 1st 
R. Execute in each art. C/2h 3 art. 6/N. 

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