Sunny cardigan crochet free pattern

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beautiful and very cozy knee-length cardigan will successfully replace a coat. 

Sizes 38/40 (42/44) You will need Yarn (100% natural wool; 80 m / 50 g) - 300 (350) g ​​each green, olive, mustard and yellow; hook number 6 and 7; 4 buttons (diameter 22 mm) transparent / olive color. PATTERNS AND SCHEMES OF THE BASIC PATTERN The number of loops of the initial series is a multiple of 8 + 1. Knit according to the scheme. Start with loops before rapport, repeat regularly, repeat loops after rapport. Run 1 time of the 1st to 5th rows, then constantly repeat the 2nd to 5th rows, observing the sequence of colors. Sequence of colors

1 row of yellow, 2 rows of * mustard, olive, green, yellow thread, from * constantly repeat. 

14 p. Of initial series x 6.25 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Back and shelves to knit a single cloth. 


Fulfillment of work. Using the yellow 
thread, hook No. 7, perform a chain of 161 (177) inc. + 3 inc. lifting and knit main pattern acc. sequences of colors. 

After 57 (55) cm from the initial row, leave on both sides 28.5 cm = 40 loops (31.5 cm = 44 loops) and on average 58 cm = 81 loops (64 cm = 89 loops), first continue to knit the back and through 80 cm from the initial row to finish the job. 

For the left shelf, re-engage the left hinges of the left side and knit in height in a straight line.

For a lapel, through 70.5 cm = 44 rows from the initial row (this is at the beginning of the 4th row of the pattern) skip 8.5 cm = 12 loops along the left edge of the work, dial again in the next row and continue working on all loops according to. patterned. 

After 80 cm = 50 rows from the initial row (this is after the 2nd row of the pattern) skip 11.5 cm = 16 p. (14.5 cm = 20 p.) For the shoulder along the right edge of the job. 

On the remaining hinges, tie another 17.5 cm for the collar and finish the work. 

Then on the left side of the loops to perform the right shelf in the mirror image. 

SLEEVES A yellow 
thread crochet number 7 to perform a chain of 65 vp + 3 inc. lifting and knit main pattern. 

For the 2nd size after 20 cm from the initial row add 1 st. On both sides. s / n and then in every 6th row another 2 x 1 tbsp. s / n

After 42 cm = 26 rows from the initial row to finish the work. 

Execute shoulder seams at 11.5 (14.5) cm, respectively, sew the sleeves. Run side seams and sleeve seams. Run the rear middle seam of the collar and sew the collar in the neck of the back, combining the control marks on the pattern. 

Tie all edges with olive thread crochet No. 6 on the front side, performing 1 circular row of st. b / n, while at the outer corners perform 3 loops in 1 loop of the base, knit 3 tbsp in the inner corners. b / n together. 

Then from the seamy side, perform another 1 round row of comp. Art., while introducing the hook only for the back wall of the loop. 

Sew on the left shelf on 2 buttons between the 20th and 21st and 28th and 29th rows, the distance from the side of the shelf is 3 and 12 cm, respectively.

Button fasten through the holes in the pattern.

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