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Size: 36/38 (40/42 in) 

You will need: 250 (300) G light brown/Black (v. 31) Yarn Garzato Fleece (70% Alpaca, 30% polyamide, 225 m/50 g) Lana Grossa; Spokes № 5.5 and № 6, Circle, spokes № 5.5 and № 6. 

The Edge with knots: 1-st P. of each p. To remove as persons. The Last p. of each p. Projazat persons. Edges of all details to carry out with knots. 
Elastic: Alternately 2 persons., 2 H. 

The Pattern with the coconuts and rhombs: knit according to the scheme for 62 p. Series A-penultimate row of gum. Knit from Arrow A to D arrow, at the same time in the 1st p. Add 8 p. = 70 p. Run 1 times 1-ST-36, then in a pattern with diamonds repeating the 21st-36-th p. Between the arrows A and B, and the end, in the pattern with the coconuts to repeat the 25th-36-th p. Between the arrows B and C. These rows are highlighted in gray. 
Facial surface: Faces. P.-Persons. P., N. R.-Izn.

Shot loop: In the faces. P. To touch the faces. In the Izh. P. Remove the P. (thread before the spokes). 

The Density of Knitting: 23.5 p. and 22 P. = 10 x 10 cm (Pattern with coconuts and rhombs, spokes № 6); 16 p. and 22 P. = 10 x 10 cm (obverse surface, spokes № 6). 

Backrest with halves of sleeves: on spokes № 5.5 to Dial 92 (98) p. and to tie for a lath 7 sm = 21 p. Elastic band, starting in 1-st Izn. P. with Chrome. and 2. (1 N.), ending 2 (1 N.), Chrome. Then Knit the Spokes № 6 as follows: Crom., 14 (17) p. Persons. Gladyu, 62 p. Pattern with coconuts and rhombs, adding 8 p. = 70 p., 14 (17) p. Persons. Smooth, chrome. = Total 100 (106) p. Through 26 cm = 58 p. From the strap for curves kimono to add on both sides 1 p., then in the 4th p. 1 x 1 P. and in each 2nd p. 3 x 1 P., re-dial for short sleeves 2 x 2 p. and 1 x 11 p. = 140 (146) P. 

Added loops knit footprint, way: The first added 10 p. On both sides-faces. And then 8 p. Elastic band, thus the first additions to start with 2 izn. and finish 2 persons., to touch 1 removed p. and chrome. For Skosov add on both sides in the 5th p. 1 p. (at the beginning of the p. Vyknit after the 10th p., at the end of the P.-Before the last 10 p. (= after and to the inner track of the loop) of 1 persons. Cross-stitch) and further knit faces. Surface. Such additions Repeat 3 more times in each 6th p. and 4 times in each 4th p. = 156 (162) p. Through 21 (22) cm = 46 (48) p. From the beginning of the sleeve (measuring on the outer edge) for the bevel of the shoulders to close on both sides 16 (19) p. , then in each 2nd p. 3 x 8 p. and 3 x 7 p. At the Same time with the 5th decrease for the shoulder bevel to cut the neck to close the average 22 p. and knit further separately, closing at the edges of the cut in the 2nd p. 1 x 6 p. On This all loops will be spent. 

Before with halves of sleeves: to knit, as a backrest with halves of sleeves, but for a cut of a neck through 19 (20) SM = 42 (44) р. From the beginning of sleeves to close average 14 p. and to knit further separately, closing on edges of a cut in each 2nd p. 1 x 3 p., 2 х 2 p. Shoulders to perform as for the backrest. 

Assembly: Perform seams. On the lap. Spokes № 5.5 for cutting the neck dial 76 p. and knit collar-golf elastic band. Rows. After 12 cm knit further round. Spokes № 6. At The overall height of the collar 19 cm loops are free to close on the figure.

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