Scheme of crocheted skirt

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knitted skirt is always unique! 

It's no secret that it is important for many women that the things they wear are unique. 

Therefore, a knitted skirt is always (or almost always) a hand-made thing, which is not easy to repeat. And even if you want to recreate this - you can greatly change the original by simply changing the color or material. The knitted fabric always looks differently, made in different materials. 

But it's always so nice to realize that you have a thing that other people do not have!

The second advantage of a knitted skirt: Convenience and practicality

It is impossible not to appreciate the graciousness of these gizmos: the lace fabric stretches well, it sits perfectly on the figure, and you can lose weight or get fat, and the skirt (if there is a small reserve) still remains in the pore! It is also very convenient for pregnant women! Here the most important thing is not to make a mistake when choosing a lining (the bottom skirt). 

In addition, this skirt almost does not crumple. 

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