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Booties "Hedgehogs" for a child 1,5 years. In the work I used threads Agata acrylic in 100gram 1000m (knitted in three strings), hook 2 mm, consumption 30 grams.

Boots knitted without the schemes, all thought up during the course of knitting, but the process itself will be briefly described. At first, the "bald" booties were connected.

Started with a sock and knitted in a circle with columns without a crochet, at the beginning added 3-4 loops in each row, then 6 increments in each row to the desired width, then without increments before lifting, then 1/3 left unbonded, and 2 / 3 knit the bars without the crochet with swivel rows to the desired length of the pins, then knitted about 1/3 of the loops to the desired width of the heel, sewed the heel and tied the top with 2 rows of columns without the crochet). Since I did not have a suitable needle thread, the whole dark part of the pinets (except for the foot) I tied with 6 hooks. The top of the pinets is an elastic band made of relief columns. Separately bound the sole, and connected the connecting posts with booties. 

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