Beanie cap and mittens

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I want to boast a bit of the last work-related. 
This time it's a beanie cap, tied across and mittens in a bundle of yarn remains. 
Knitted from the Children's whim 225m 50gr in 2 threads, knitting needles 3. It took almost 2 huts, left about 10gr.

The photo was taken off by the phone and under different lighting, so all such different colors turned out, I apologize for their quality:

Finger on mittens was tying according to the principle of raglan, adding loops from the broach.

The cap is tied in shorter rows (first, we do not bind the 6th to the crown, through row 5, through row 4 ..., we reach the edge, we tie 2 rows completely and again start unhooked 6, 5, 4 ... 1).

Description of the pattern of the cap:

Collect an odd number of loops.

1st and 3rd rows: all eye loops

2nd and 4th rows: all the loops are purl

5-rd: * 1 of them. n., 1 st. remove (thread before work) * repeat from * to *

6th row: * 1p. remove (thread at work), 1 persons. to repeat from * to *.

To form a neat edge of the cap (near the forehead), do so: at the end of the row (only from the side of the forehead), we sew the edge bands with a facial classic loop, then turn the knitting so that the thread is at work, at the beginning of the row, remove this edge as a front one, according to the scheme. On the side of the crown, the corncroft knitted as usual: at the end of the purl series, in the beginning she took off without tying. At the end of the knitting through the edge she extended the thread and pulled the crown off.

Thanks to all who looked in, I will be happy with the green arrow and comments

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