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Small (Medium, Large, 1X, 2X) 
Chest girth (finished product): 90 (100-110-120-130) cm 
Length: 63 (65-66-66-68) cm


Berroco Comfort Yarn (50% nylon, 50% acrylic, 100 g / 193 m) 7 (8-9-10-11) skeins; needles 4.5mm and 5 mm

Knitting density 
20 p. And 27 p. = 10x10 cm on the face of the stitch on the needles of 5 mm 

On the spokes of 4.5 mm dial 114 (126-138-150-162) p. And knit with an elastic band 2x2 (2 lits.p., 2 of ep.p.) 6 cm, finish in persons .R. and go on the needles 5 mm. In the next a number of knit: 5 (5-5-5-1) times (19 (21-23-25-81) w / p, 1 p. of broach), 1 p. of broach, 1 w. - 120 (132-144-156-164) on the spokes. Starting from next persons knit main pattern: 3 (9-15-21-25) p .; pearl viscous, put a marker; 1 row of aran pattern on 114 p., put a pearl marker. pattern to the end of the row. Continue to a height of 41 cm from the typesetting edge, in the last row, put markers on both sides for armored sleeves. Knit armholes; to a height of 23 (24-25-25-26) cm and the next. persons close all loops.

Knit back as the height of the armhole 15 sleeves (16-18-18-19), see the next. persons for; neckline knit 38 (44-50-56-60) p., attach the thread from the other skein; and close the central 44 p., knit to the end of the row according to the pattern. Knit both parts; separately, making reductions in the neckline of the neckline, 1 p. On each side in each; 4 times. Close all loops at the height of the armhole as for the back.

On the needles of 4.5 mm, dial 58 points and knit with an elastic band of 8 cm, in the last row add in the center of 1 item. Then knit with the main pattern: 1 item. Pearls. viscous, put a marker, 1 row; aran pattern on 57 p., put a marker, 1 p. pearl. pattern. Continue work on the drawing, making additions of 1 point on each side every 2 cm 25 (28-31-31-33); once, the added loops are knit with zhchm. pattern. At a height of 50 cm from the edge of the set; close all the loops.
Sew shoulder seams. For the collar, type 4.5 mm on the spokes along the edge of the cut; 132 neck, starting from the left shoulder seam, join into a circle and knit with an elastic band; 3 cm, close all the loops. Insert the sleeves between the markers of the back and the front; run; side seams and sleeve seams.


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