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Good afternoon, dear needlewomen and all guests of my diary!

Today I have such a small topic: I decided to show you what can be made stand for mugs with their own hands. A lot of people are interested in this issue.

The closest thing to me is crochet, so I made a small selection of simple patterns of crocheted crocheted mugs. You often learn to crochet on such things.

Inspired me above all these photos, seen on the Internet.

Well, such charming sets! They can be used both for cups and for glasses when serving a table.

Even on weekdays in the kitchen or in the dining room should be beautiful. And these crocheted little things add comfort and mood.

In addition, the holders for mugs perform a practical function, they protect the surface of furniture from stains and scratches, especially if something hot on the table to put.

Of course, some wooden or wicker stands can be more practical and convenient, but we, the needlewomen, need to attach the rest of the yarn and in general associate the stands under the mugs with our own hands is much more pleasant, in addition, this fashionable decoration for the kitchen will surprise both domestic and guests .

We show our creative imagination and we knit supports for mugs!

You can use any thick thread. It is necessary to take into account the style of the interior and choose a pleasant color for knitted stands.

We select the hook, as always, suitable for yarn.

Schemes of round stands for a mug
Stands for the crochet hooks are those on the upper main photo, are connected according to the below scheme:

In principle, for the knitting of round stands, you can use the scheme of any  small napkin . Well suited schemes, posted  here >> , I will not repeat and re-lay them out. There, by the way, there is a scheme, close to pink stands.

Here's another simple scheme, read about it below:

When knitting color models, you should correctly make the transition from one color to another, tying the last loop of the row with a new color. How to do it, you can see in the master class  here >> .

Schemes of square supports for a mug
I myself have not yet knitted any sets of supports, but I have one stand for a mug. It turned out quite unexpectedly.

The fact is that some comrades at my house are very fond of drinking tea, sitting in an armchair by the TV. Attempt to put a hot mug on a coffee table with my snow-white  napkin  caused, to put it mildly, very violent emotions. I immediately found something to be able to substitute. And one day I turned up a tune that I knitted specifically for a  plaid with sunflowers to make a master class. So he remained to perform the function of a stand for hot mugs, which roams from chair to sofa, and from sofa to computer desk, and is not tied to the style of the interior, but quite a nice mug stand with his own hands.

It is possible to connect and  openwork square motifs  from thick yarn, also an excellent option for supports.

But this article would not have been, probably, if I had not encountered the following knitted coasters, which simply fascinated: the first amaze with its simplicity, and others, on the contrary, an unusual shape and lace pattern.

Despite the fact that these stands are connected with gray yarn, they look very elegant than me and bribed, like all the simple  Japanese ideas that I really love.

The last row of a simple circle (the diagram above) or a square is tied with a step, which gives a finished look to the product and a very beautiful design of the edge.

Scheme of the square motive is taken from the same magazine as the photo of the model, but for some reason they forgot to finish the laced trail, the same as on the round stand, and the strapping step by step, keep this in mind.

Or here such square podstavochki on the same circuit it is possible to connect:

A wonderful gift set in combination with a  knitted cover for a cup :

Stands for mugs and glasses in the form of a leaf

As I have already mentioned, I liked these supports for glasses with my interesting leaf form.

Stand for a glass (mug) is knitted according to the scheme, starting from the wide part of the sheet, with a set of air loops. It is matched in reverse rows, moving to the narrow part of the sheet.

In conclusion, there is a row on the other side of the chain from the air loops, turning into knitting of the cuttings, and then the entire leaf is bound along the perimeter by columns without a crochet.

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