Knit heart crochet master class

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Description of author: 

- Yarn "Pehorka. Children's caprice" 
- Hook 1 - 1.5 mm 
- Linen 
threads - Stuffing sintepon 
- Decorative paper 

For one heart, it took me about 30 minutes. 

Description of work. 

We will knit all the columns without nakida. 

Like this: Column without nakida - Art. 
1 row. We start with the ring, we twist the index finger and, in the resulting ring, we knit 6th of Art. (6 items in total.) 
2nd row. In each loop we knit 2 st.b.n. (12 items in total) 
3 row. In every second loop of 2 st.b.n. (a total of 18 articles of biology) 
4 row. In every third loop of 2 st.b.n. (24 cc. total) 
5 row. In every fourth loop of 2 st.b.n. (30 articles in total)
6-9 row. No increase. (only 30 old ones) We will have such a hemisphere here. 
We need these two. 
Hemispheres are fastened over the edge of the 5th century of science. 
Go to the big circle, knit without increases and reductions in one row. 
Next, we knit 9 rows in each row by 4 st.b. Undertakings should be done in two in a row in the center on each side. I hope it is clear 

And we continue to subtract 4 articles of biology. in each row until complete closure. 
I cut the paper here in such pieces. I then folded these pieces in half to make something like a postcard. Through the corner of the postcard, I ran a thread of linen. 
And the same thread stretched over the top of the heart. 
Cut the thread. We tie on a double knot and a double bow.
This is the valentine we have turned out. It remains to write in our card all the sacred words that we have conceived and hand over to your beloved. 
Lastly, I will show how the size of the Valentines will change depending on the thickness of the threads from which we knit it. 
But the hearts that came out of these three yarns. The scheme of knitting is the same. 

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