Crochet Cupcakes Tutorial

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You will need: 

yarn (250m / 100g) - a little brown, beige, white, the remains of multi-colored; yarn "grass", beads, beads, hook number 2.5, holofayber. 

Keksiki knit from two halves. 

For the lower halves on the thread ring, tie 1 row - 6st.b / nak. in a circle, 2 rows - 12 st.b / nak., further add to 6 st.b / nak. in each row, until they become 30. Link 1 row of concave st.b / nak. In the next. row tie 36 st.b / nak., 2 rows exactly, then 42 st.b / nak., 2 rows exactly. Thread and fasten the thread.

The upper half begins just like the lower half, to connect an even circle to 30 st.b / nak., Then alternate - 1 row exactly, 1 row with 6 additions. And so, while in the series there will be 42 st.b / nak. For a muffin with a beaded "sprinkling", tie another row with "waves" - start with st.b / nak., Then 1-2 semist.s1 / nak., 1-2 st.s1 / nak., 1 st.s2 / nak., finish the "wave" in the reverse order. The number of columns can be changed so that the "waves" are different. 


Decorate the upper halves with beads, beads, embroider "sprinkling" of colored yarn with rococo, making 5-6 turns of thread. In chocolate and coconut muffins, connect the halves crocheted with columns without a crochet, and at the bead with a beaded "sprinkling" sew the upper half to the bottom. Do not forget to leave the filling hole, fill the coke with the holofiber, then sew up the hole.


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