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Stylish top with a round yoke of knitting, knits simply, looks charming. Tie the same and please yourself with a beautiful hand-made thing that deserves attention!

Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46

You will need: 350 (400) 450 g of copper colored Corso yarn (35% cotton, 35% polyacryl, 30% viscose, 90 m / 50 g); Knitting needles and hook number 5.

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. P.

Strip with braids A (width 3 p.): 1st p.: 3 p. Cross over to the left (= leave 1 p. On the second needle before work, 2 faces. And knit a loop with the side p rex.), 2 r.: purl n. Repeat the 1st and 2nd p.

Strip with braids B (width 3 p.): 1st p.: 3 p. Cross to the right (= leave 2 p. On the needles for work, 1 person. And tie loops from the pins on the faces.); 2nd b.: Purl n. Repeat 1st and 2nd p.

The sequence of alternation patterns (width 73 (80) 87 p.): Krom., 16 (18) 20 p. smoothing, 3 p. stripes with braids A, 33 (36) 39 p. persons. smoothing, 3 p. stripes with braids B, 16 (18) 20 p. persons. smooth

Main pattern: Art. s / n Each circular p. start with 3 rev. n. instead of 1 st. s / n and finish 1 connection Art. in the 1st st. s / n

Knitting density Persons smooth surface: 17 items and 25 r. = 10 x 10 cm; main pattern: 17 tbsp. s / n and 9 p = 10 x 10 cm.

Back / front: dial 73 (80) 87 p., Tie 1 purl p. from and then knit in the specified sequence. 
Through 34 (36) 38 cm from the dial edge, close all the loops.

Assembly: Top stamp parts slightly moisten, straighten on the pattern and allow them to dry. Run the side seams, with the top 10 (12) 14 cm on each side left open to the armholes.

For round coquette join 1 conn. Art. to the right edge of the back and tie up the closed edge of the back 73 (80) 87 Art. with / n, for the left shoulder to connect 6 sur. p., tie the closed edge of the front 73 (80) 87 Art. with / n and for the right shoulder to connect 6 vozd. p. = 158 (172) 186 p. Continue to knit in circular p. main pattern.

At the height of the coquette 2 circular p. knit to give shape to the front and on the back on both sides in each circular p. 5 times the first and last 3 tbsp. s / n after and up to 6 points of the shoulder together (= knit each art. s / n to the last item and then 1 new knit tie all the loops on the hook together) = 118 (132) 146 art. s / n

At the height of the coquette of 8 cm = 7 circular p. bind in every 2nd st. s / n previous circular p. 1 tbsp. s / n = 59 (66) 73 art. s / n

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