Knitting White Pullover Free Pattern

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Size : 42-44
You will need: 350 g cotton yarn. Polyamide: 100 N); Spokes mz: Hook mz. 
Elastic band: 2 facial. 2 Purls. 
Density of Knitting: 19 p. х 28 p. • 10x 10 sv. 
Backrest: On the spokes Dial 86 p. and tie? Number of facial loops, continue in the following order; ...
Front surface. 44 p, Circuits 21.1, 21 p. Front surface. Czk. Through B for the pritalisation reduce from both sides PS 1 p. and each row Z times. Check to add loops in reverse order. At an altitude of 35 cm from the beginning for armholes 
Close both sides by 5 p. and and each 2nd row times by 3 1 times? N. and 1 time on 1 p. (-64, 4 p.). At the height of 5 Cm.
Close the average 24 L from the beginning of the neck cut. And then both sides to finish separately, rounding From the inside close in a yearly Mr. Row 2 times on Z p. Times the remaining p. 
Before: similar to the backrest. But to cut the neck at an altitude of 42 cm from the beginning close the middle 18 p. and then both 
Third to finish separately. For rounding from the inside close in Mr. Row 1 times Z g times On? 2 Rapon 1 P. and 1 times the remaining 14 p. shoulder. 
Sleeve: On the spokes Dial 42 p, and tie? A number of Lyceum loops. Continue the pattern on the scheme 21.2 S rapports • g CZK.). After 5 cm from the beginning for expansion to add on both sides of JSC 1 p. In every row 11 times 64 At the height of 45 SV from the beginning for the okata close on both sides of 5 p. and in each 2nd? Times by 2 14 times Lo 2 and 1 times the remaining p. 
Assembly * Fill the shoulder and side seams. Seams of the sleeves, to fit them into the armholes. On the edge of the neck cut, bottom 
Products and sleeves The hook is bordered by a 21.3 scheme. 

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