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In this fashionable knitted dress you will not only look beautiful, but also feel the warmth and comfort, not many models have such a rare combination.

Size: 38

You will need: 900 g of blue wool (merino) yarn; Straight needles number 5 and number 6 and one auxiliary needle; darning needle.

Double elastic: with a contrast thread, dial half of the required loops; 1st reg.: Working thread knit * 1 person., 1 nakid *, repeat from * to *: 2nd * knit nakid persons., Remove 1 n. from to *; 3rd and subsequent rows: * 1 person., Remove 1 p. As out, thread before work *, repeat from * to * in the finished part to 
dissolve the contrast thread. 
Gum 2/2: 2 persons alternately., 2 out.

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. P.

Wrong surface: persons. R. - ex. n., izn. R. - persons. P.

Pattern of braids: knit according to the scheme.

Knitting density The front surface, the needles number 6:13 p. And 20 p. = 10 x 10 cm; braid pattern: 38 p. (motive width) = 20 cm.

Description of knitting dress:

Back / front: on the needles number 5 dial 110 p. And tie 2 p. double rubber band, then knit rubber band 2/2. After 2 cm from the edge of the dial go to the needles number 6 and knit as follows: 36 p. stitch, 38 p. patterned braid, 36 p. persons. satin stitch. At the same time, on both sides of the average 68 subsections should be reduced in each 6th p. 5 x 1 p., In every 4th p. 14 x 1 p. Through 88 cm from the elastic for bevels close the arm on each side in each 2nd p. 1 x 3 points and 2 x 1 points. After 20 cm from the beginning of the bevels, close the armholes on both sides for each shoulder by 11 points and put off the remaining 40 points for the neck.

Sleeves: on the needles number 5 dial 30 p. And tie a gum, as for the back. Go for knitting needles number 6 and knit faces. stitch, adding on both sides in each 8 th p. 8 x 1 p. After 38 cm from the elastic band for dummy, close the sleeves on both sides in each 2nd p. 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. And 13 x 1 p. After 15 cm from the beginning of the neck, close the remaining 10 p.

Assembly: perform one shoulder seam. For collar needles No. 6, 
put back hinge loops for the neckline and the front, tie 1 p. individuals. and in the next row (on the i-side) continue to knit a pattern of braids according to the pattern, knitting side loops and 2 sections between the two motifs of the pattern with a seamy smooth surface (the front side of the pattern of braids will become visible after the collar is turned away). 
After 22 cm from the beginning of the collar close all the loops. Run the second shoulder seam and the seam of the collar, taking into account the flap. Run the side seams, the seams of the sleeves and stitch the sleeves.

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