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Pattern construction: 

1. Fold the fabric in half. The fold of the fabric will be the middle of the back. = 
2. We set aside half of our greatest volume from the fold (that you have more breasts or hips) plus an increase of 10–15 centimeters to fit. We draw a parallel line. This is the middle of the front. 
For example, the volume of the hips 110 10 = 120. We postpone 60 cm from the fold. 
3. Having departed from the top edge of 1.5 cm (seam allowance), we lay down the length of the front to the waist down the center line. Draw a waist line. 
Extend it centimeters 12−15 per line midway front for the smell. Put a serif. 
4. From the waist line we postpone the height of the side (cm 13−15, depending on height). Let armhole be more for convenience.
5. Divide the entire width of the pattern in half. To get the width of the shelf add to this number 2 cm, to get the back - subtract 2 cm. 
For example, a drawing of 60 cm. The width of the shelf 30 2 = 32 cm, the back 30−2 = 28 cm. 
Put the width of the front panel from the center of the front, set the notch on the side height line. 
6. Along the fold line, we lay back the length of the back from the waist line to the waist. We draw the line of the shoulder back. 
7. Draw a neckline cut back. Depth 3−4 cm, width 9−10 cm. All this we lay on and from the line of the shoulder of the back. 
8. From the neckline, draw a shoulder centimeter long by 3-4 times longer than our shoulder (let them be comfortable lowered shoulders). Slant shoulder line 3 cm. 
9. Draw a line armhole back. It should start from the shoulder line at right angles.
10. From the line of the middle of the front lay 9−10 cm along the shoulder of the front. This is the width of the neck. 
In my drawing, the shoulder line of the front and back are the same. I have the length of the back to the waist and the length of the front to the waist are almost equal. You may be different. 
11. We connect with a smooth line a point of the width of the neck and a notch on the waist line, which we did 12−15 cm from the middle of the front. 
The line is rounded slightly, almost straight. And then the neckline on the chest will be very large. In the video for subscribers, I'll show you how to draw it correctly, according to the desired neckline.
12. From the serif on the waistline, we draw the line just down, parallel to the fold. In general, it is recommended to make a little flare, so that the smell does not diverge and looks vertical, but in order to save fabric, I never flare. 
Draw a shoulder line in front with a bevel of 4 cm. 14. Draw an armhole in front of the shoulder to the notch on the side height line. 
Drawing pattern robe ready. 
Even for the processing of the front, we need two stripes 10 cm wide, 150 cm long. 
We also need a strip 10 cm wide, 150 cm long for the belt. 
If your largest girth is up to 110 cm, then they remain on the width. If more than 110cm, then you have to take 20 cm more fabric.
Pattern sleeves ladies in the next post. If urgent, the construction is the same as for the shirt.

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