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Lovely openwork coat, crocheted from floral motifs. It's time to prepare for spring.

Size: 38 (= 44)
Materials: 1000 g of terracotta yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 280 m / 100 g), hook number 3, buttons - 4 pcs.
Element: knit according to Scheme 1 and Scheme 2.
Link a chain of 5 in. (t. A), then knit 5 tbsp. 2 / n. and 7 in. in the first century. etc. (t. A), then knit5 tbsp. 2 / n. and 5 in. etc. in the 1 st century. etc. (t. A) and then knit according to the scheme. The direction of work is indicated in the figure with arrows. To connect 6 fragments of a pattern, to connect in a ring (to connect points And and). The pattern of the finished element is given in Scheme 2.

Performance: the dimensions and arrangement of the elements are indicated on the pattern. Link the required number of elements. By tying the fans to the pico (the outer side is the edge of the element), to connect the elements together in the process of knitting in a pattern. The connecting points are indicated in the diagram with arrows. Do not forget to connect the elements along the shoulder and side seams. Sew on the left shelf. The buttons for the buttons on the right shelf are the gaps in the element's pattern.

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