Openwork Knitting Top Free Pattern

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36/38 (40/42) 44/46

You will need to
Yarn (67% cotton, 33% Viscose; 158 m/50 g)-150 (200) 200 g blue and pink, as well as 100 (150) 150 g blue; Spokes № 3.5.

Patterns and diagrams

The Number of loops multiple 4 + 2 kromoskno.

Facial ranges: Crown, * 1 obverse, 2 Purls, 1 front, from * constantly repeating, cutting.

Purls rows: Tie loops on the figure.

Facial surface
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops.

Openwork Pattern Pink Thread
Number of Loops multiple 10 + 1 + 2 Kromovyi = Knit SOGL. Schema. On it are given facial ranks. In the Purl series, all loops and scum tie purl. To Start with 1 crown and loops before rapport, the rapport is constantly repeated, to finish loops after rapport and 1 crown. Constantly repeating the 1st-20th series.

Shortened rows
At The end of the facial range to leave the specified number of loops unmade, turn the work with 1 scale, in the Vixen row at the end of the series also leave the specified number of loops unmade and turn the work with 1 scale. Continue to work similarly and at the end of each series leave the specified number of loops more.

Sequence of patterns and colors
20 (22) 24 series pattern 2 Blue Thread,
20 rows of pattern 3 pink thread,
20 (22) 24 series pattern 2 Blue Thread,
20 rows of pattern 3 pink thread,
20 (22) 24 series pattern 2 Blue Thread,
20 rows of pattern 3 pink thread,
22 Rows Pattern 2 Blue Thread = Total 142 (148) 154 series.

Hollow Cord Strap
Blue thread dial on the spokes 3 loops, * 2 loops to touch the face, 3-th loop Projazit with the 1st left loop of the neck together the front, then do not perform the Seamy series, and return the loops on the left spokes, from * constantly repeating, while constantly tying 3 -U loop the strap with the next left loop together until all the left loops are exhausted. Then Close the remaining 3 bars.

Density of Knitting
24 p. x 29.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm.

Doing the work

A Blue thread to dial on Spokes 122 (134) 142 loops a cross set and for a lath to tie 5 sm a rubber band.

Continue work SOGL. Sequence of patterns and colors, thus for the 1st and 3rd sizes in the 1st row add 1 p., for the 2nd size reduce 1 P. = 123 (133) 143 p.

After 42.5 cm = 126 rows (44.5 cm = 132 series) 46.5 cm = 138 rows from the strap to leave for shoulder bevel on both sides 1 x 3 (4) 5 p., then in each next lyceum and Vixen row on both sides to leave 8 x 3 p. (4 x 4 p. and 4 x 3 p.) 8 X 4 p., at the same time to perform shortened series of SOGL. How to.

Through 48 cm = 142 Series (50 cm = 148 rows) 52 cm = 154 series from the strap to tie on all 123 (133) 143 Loops (= 27 (32) 37 p. Shoulder bevel and 69 p. neck) 1 Front row of the face, with the scale of the left shoulder bevel with the previous loop , the right shoulder brace-with a subsequent loop along the front to avoid the formation of holes. Then leave all the loops.

Knit like a backrest.

A Pink thread to dial on spokes for each sleeve on 92 (100) 112 loops a cross-shaped set and for a lath to tie 3 sm a rubber band, thus to start and finish 2 purl accordingly.

Continue work openwork pattern pink thread, and in the 1st row Add 1 (3) 1 P. = 93 (103) 113 p.

After 13.5 cm = 40 rows from the initial row close all loops.

Before and back folded face sides and on both sides to touch on 27 (32) 37 p. Shoulder bevel together reverse.

The Lath from a hollow cord to execute on average on 69 p. of a neck. Then fasten the typed and closed loops of a lath from a hollow cord.

Sew sleeves, carry out lateral seams and seams of sleeves.

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