Pullover with Smooth Color Transitions and Floral Curbs

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Pullover with Smooth Color transitions and floral curbs Size: 34/36 (42/44 in) 
You will need: Yarn (1000.6 al Pack 288 m/50 g)-200 g. Plum 150 (200) g dark grey, 100 (150) G Light grey; Knitting Needles 4. 
Attention: Knit only double Thread. 
Pattern 1: Floral curb A (number Hinges multiple 22 + 2 crown) 
Knit SOGL. Schema. On it are given Facial rows. In Purl ranks Loops on the drawing or Consent Cookie. Circuit, tie-in Purl. Between the Crown Repeatedly repeat the rapport. Run 1 times 1-62 series. 
Pattern 2: floral border in = Knit like pattern 1 but perform 1 time the 13-62 series, then the More times the 61 and the 62-th series Total of 56 series, with the selected Gray Loop Circuit Replace 1 reverse. 
Pattern Z: Facial surface Rows-facial loops, purls Series-purls loops. 
Pattern 4: Knitted knit = facial and Purls Series-facial loops. 
Pattern 5: Transverse elastic Band- ' 6 rows of pattern Z, 6 rows of 4, from • constantly repeating. The sequence of patterns and " 62 (62) of a series of 1- Thread. Plums, 36 (36) rows 
Pattern 5 double thread of 1 thread Color. Plum and 1 dark gray thread, 36 (24) Series 5 double- Grey Thread, 36 (24) series of 5 double thread of 1 dark Grey and 1 light grey thread, 56 (0) Series 2 double- But-gray thread = only 226 (146 in) Series. The data in parentheses are to the sleeves. 
Density of Knitting: patterns 1 and 2- 20.5 p. х 31 R. x 10 cm: Pattern 5- 19.5 37.5 p. x.; 10 x 10 cm. 
Attention: Thanks to the elastic band, the Le pattern 1 pullover below a little bit 
Pulled together. This is not accounted for in the raft of knitting and on the pattern. Width The flower curb on the pattern of is read by the initial number of loops. 
Backrest: Double thread, plum Dial on the Spokes 90 (112) Loops and Link 1 seamy series of Night. This series is not taken into account in subsequent calculations. Continue Work SOGL. Sequence Patterns and colors. After 11 cm = 34 series from the initial row to the will remain 86 (107) loops. Through 49 cm = 170 rows from the initial (2 in the 1st row of Pattern 2) is equal to the Distribution, add 4 (5) P. 90 (112) p. Through 56 cm 192 series from the initial row to the The spokes will again remain 86 (107) p. through 67 cm; 226 series from the beginning of the Close all loops. 
Before: Knit like a backrest. 
Sleeves: Double Thread Plum Dial on the spokes for each hand- 40 (54) loops and connect 1 
Number of facial. Continue Work SOGL. Sequence 
Patterns and colors, with the pattern l Start with the crown and hinges from the Arrows A (c), perform the Raport One time. End loops to Arrows- (D) and 1 crown and perform the Ubavki 1 (3) p. In the 33 series of the scheme 
Consent Cookie. Schema. At the same time, the For bevel sleeves on both sides of the In each 10th row of the initial Number of 14 x 1 p. sogl. Pattern. Through 42.5 cm = 146 rows from the initial Series Close all 67 (79) N. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams On the outside on 9 (12) See Sew Sleeves, perform side seams and Seams of sleeves. 

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