Crochet Summer Dress Free Pattern

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Interesting Crochet Dress

Size 38-40
You will need:
Yarn alpina "LILY" pink color (100% cotton: 175 m./50 g.)-700, Hook № 2.

Job Description:

Knit motifs A According to the scheme 1 (= 175 pcs.) to connect them among themselves in the last row, having the scheme 2 (attention! 2 motives on the sleeves in the scheme depicted 4 triangles, because they are located on the back and front of the dress). Knit motives B According to the scheme 3 (= 138 pcs.), connect them with other motifs and among themselves in the last row, having the scheme 2. Knit 2 motives In the scheme 4, attach them to the rest of the motives in points E and D columns with 3-scale on the scheme 5.
On the bottom edge of a dress, a cut of a neck and armholes to knit 6 rows of a St. b/N, thus a hook to work for one distant thread of a loop of the bottom row.

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