Knitting openwork pullover

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Sizes: 36-38, 40-42 and 44-46. 
Data for size 40-42 is given in brackets (), for size 44-46 - in double brackets (()). 
If only one value is specified, it applies to all 3 sizes. 
Pullover length: about 57 (58) ((60)) cm. 
You will need: 
350 (400) ((450) g ​​LINIE 321 SILK yarn from ONline in gray stone number 14 (100% silk, 150 m / 50 g) ; Needles № 3-3,5. 
Openwork elastic (on the needles № 3): The number of loops is a multiple of 4 1 chrome. 
Knit according to the pattern. 
In the outer rows of the loop, knit according to the pattern, knit knit wear. 
Repeat from the 1st to the 4th th R. 
Openwork pattern: The number of loops is a multiple of 20 11. 
Knit according to the scheme.
In izn. rows of a loop knit on the pattern, knit knit knit. 
Repeat from the 1st to the 60th p. 
The main pattern: Pers. smooth surface: individuals. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - izn. p. 
Density of knitting: 
openwork pattern: 26 p. and 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Persons. smoothing: 25 p. and 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Just before it knits with an openwork pattern. 
Therefore, start with the front. 
The back and sleeves after 5 cm openwork gum knit persons. satin stitch. 
Double thread cross-shaped dialing on the needles No. 3 dial 119 (127) ((139)) p., Knit 1 w. R. purl, then knit 5 cm openwork rubber band.
Go to the spokes number 3.5 and the loops distribute the trace. in a way: chrome., 4 (8) ((4)) p. openwork gum, 5x (5x) ((6x)) rapport (and at the same time for all sizes evenly add 2 p.), 11 p. after rapport, 4 (8) ((4)) p. Openwork gum, chrome. = 121 (129) ((141)) p. 
In this distribution, knit in height straight. 
For an armhole, 34 (34) ((33)) cm of an openwork pattern on both sides close 1 x 6 p., In each 2nd p. subtract another 2 x 2 and 4 x 1 p. = 93 (101) ((113)) p. 
On both sides, abbreviate to 14 p. 
Continue with an openwork pattern, knit an additional 4 p. of openwork gum on both sides for size 40-42 . 
For the neckline cutout, after approximately 40 cm of the main pattern (= after the reduction of the armhole is completed), close the average 27 points and finish both sides separately.
For bevel of a mouth on both sides in each 2nd p. subtract 10 x 1 p. 
Through 52 (53) ((55)) cm openwork pattern close 23 (27) ((33)) p. shoulder. 
As before, start double thread with a cross-shaped set and knit a 5 cm openwork rubber band. 
Go to the needles number 3.5 and continue to individuals. satin stitch. 
Open the sleeves and shoulders as described for the backrest. 
For a high neckline only after 49 (50) ((52)) cm faces. smooth close the average 41 p. and both sides finish separately. 
From the inner edge in every 2nd p. subtract 1 x 2 p. and 1 x 1 p. 
Use double-thread cross-dialing on the spokes No. 3 to dial 59 (63) ((67)) p., knit 1 w. R. purl, then knit 5 cm openwork rubber band.
Go to the needles number 3.5 and continue to individuals. satin stitch. 
For bevel sleeves on both sides in each 6th p. add 9 x 1 p. (in every 6th p. 6 x 1 p., in every 4th p. 5 x 1 p.) ((in every 4th p. 13 x 1 p.)) = 77 (85) ((93)) p. 
For a sleeve, close 1 x 6 p. On each side of the 22 cm of the main pattern on each side, in each 2nd p. 2 x 2 para., 14 x 1 para., 1 x (2x) ((3x)) 2 para., 1x (1x) ((2x)) 3 para. And close the remaining 19 (23) ((21)) n. 
Assembly of parts: 
Run shoulder seams, stitch sleeves, then complete side seams and sleeve seams. 
On the spokes number 3 for the neckline raise 128 p. - rear 53 p., Front - 75 p. - and knit 3 circle. R. front, then 3 cm openwork rubber band according to the scheme. 
Loops to close a double thread cross-set trace. in the following way:
Closed edge (double thread): 
Pers. R.: Krom., * 1 out. p., remove 1 p. as izn., while holding the thread in front of the loop, repeat from *, chrome. 
Out R .: Krom., * to remove the stitches of the previous row, to knit the faces., remove the loop of the previous row, remove the thread after the loop, repeat from *. 
In the faces. R. (single thread) to knit all the loops. and free to close.

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