Star Pillow Free Pattern

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Size 50 x 50 cm 
You will need 
Yarn 1 (100% cotton, 100 m/50 g)-300 g white and 50 g dark blue; 
Yarn 2 (78% cotton, 22% polyester; 100 m/50 g) – 50 g indigo color; Spokes № 5; Hook № 6; Pillow-Liner Size 50 x 50 cm. 
Patterns and diagrams 
Facial surface 
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops. 
Knitted motif 
Knit by scheme. 
Use a separate tangle for each individual colored area. When changing the color of the thread crossed each other on the reverse side, so that the finished product does not appear small holes. 
Loop binding * On the hook make 1 scum, enter the hook in the next loop, the middle finger of the left hand put on the thread, thread wrap around the finger, hold through the loop and through the scum, once again pull the loop and stretch it through both lying on the spokes loops. Remove the finger from the hinge. from * constantly repeating. 
Density of knitting 
18 p. x 26 P. = 10 x 10 cm, connected facial smoothness. 
Work execution 
Back side 
A white thread on the Spokes to dial 90 p. and knit facial smoothness. After 50 cm = 130 rows from the Loop inlaid series close. 
Front side 
Knit like the back side, but do the motive. 
The big star to tie a thread of color indigo crochet 1 circle. Vertical Conn. Art. and 1 lap. P. Loop binding, making sure that the loops are directed outward. 
Both parts are folded reverse side to the reverse side, to perform seams, before performing a seam on the 4th side of the pillow case to put inside the cushion.

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